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Here’s a preview of the next week of blogging here. This is the beginning of our return to form. We’re far enough ahead with content now that once the networking stuff I’ve been doing these last few weeks settles down a bit, we should be set for a nice, long run of blogging to carry us into the spring.2015_free_wallpaper

Rebecca Bradley‘s first crime book review runs on Monday. You do not want to miss it, especially if you are one of those friends who remember when I was trying to make the personal blog about books and writing. You will love Rebecca’s reviews.

David will bring you an Agent Carter post on Tuesday. We still haven’t decided whether we want to call them recaps or reviews. We may take a page out of Luther’s playbook and call them both. You should know David and Holly, and their fabulous blog Comparative Geeks by now. At this point, they truly need no introduction.

Arrow-arrow-cw-fanpopMelissa Barker-Simpson has a delicious review of the mid-season finale of Arrow to run on Wednesday before the U.S. premiere. Melissa’s a friend, and I don’t know which of us is more excited about the fact that ARROW IS BEING BLOGGED AT SOURCERER. There is much awesomeness to be had here.

Diana of Part Time Monster fame, who is also my sister if you are just joining us, will wrap up the season of American Horror Story on Thursday. But not to worry. She’s already thinking about Penny Dreadful. She will be back.

On Friday, Melissa returns with a review of this week’s episode of Arrow.sourcerer

Weekend music on Saturday. There will be Tuesday Texture and a Wordless Wednesday as will. Then we do it all over again only with Will on Wednesdays and light blogging on Thursdays for a couple of weeks.

What do you think? Sound like a blog you might want to keep on your radar? 😉