Weekend Music: He’s Got A Dream!

From Disney’s Tangled. Seems a good choice, since I’m using the weekend music to encourage everyone to do the #WeekendCoffeeShare at PartTimeMonster, and we all know how much Diana loves some animated musicals. It also it has comic villains who aren’t really The Bad Guys singing merrily about their aspirations.

If you plan to write a coffee post this weekend, or have written one already, there will be a linky at the Monster tomorrow to share your post, and you can also tweet your link to #WeekendCoffeeShare and other bloggers might retweet it! Mine will run at Just Gene’O

Happy Friday!


8 thoughts on “Weekend Music: He’s Got A Dream!

    • Hey Lily! I love it, too. It gets stuck in my head often, and my favorite part is that the lead voice actor is the guy who played Robert in that Everybody Loves Raymond series. It’s one of my favorite recent animated movies, actually. I’d love to write a blog post just about Maximus sometime. Thanks for stopping by!


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