#WeekendCoffeeShare: Using the Linky

I noted a minor issue with the #WeekendCoffeeShare linky while ago, so posting this instead of the usual photo today. The linky works just fine, but the labels on the data entry fields confused me, so I am assuming they’ll confuse a few other people as well.

Adding Your Link

Here is a screenshot to show you where all the info should go.

Linky_InstructionsTake a look at Trent’s link at the the top of the screenshot. That’s what a properly-entered link should look like. This is confusing because the labels are below the fields they represent instead of at the top, and they have colons. I did mine wrong the first time, and had to delete it and do it again.

To Delete Your Link

If you do it wrong and need to start over, hover your mouse over your link URL on the Linky list until the mouseover appears. A tiny trash can will appear at the end of the URL, and you can use it to remove the link from the list.

This is a minor annoyance. The linky tool we are using right now is the only free one Diana could find. Once we are satisfied that the blog link-up part of this is going to fly, and we get a few bucks into our development budget, we will find ourselves a more user-friendly tool.

Thanks to everyone for joining in. I’ll retweet as many of your #WeekendCoffeeShare tweets as time allows this afternoon.

To Whomever Has Been Stumbling Our Posts Lately . . .


Thanks very much!

We play around with StumbleUpon a bit, but not consistently. My account is worthless for generating traffic and I have no time to get it active, but Jeremy has had some success with his, so any time I see StumbleUpon referrals in my stats, Jeremy is the prime suspect. I talked to him last night, and he assures me he is not responsible.thanksI will happily follow you over there if you would like to let me know who you are. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please accept my deepest gratitude, and thank you again for sharing our work!

I have the WordPress annual reports in hand, and I will make them public later today. I’m also working on a year-end stats post of my own. That stats post will be the last thing I do here until after the New Year, aside from perhaps a little “Auld Lange Syne.”

Deconstruction In Progress


I will never tire of posting this video, so it’s your weekend music. My grandson just gave it the thumbs up and muted SpongeBob so we could rock out to it. Major announcement to follow.

It’s time for the overhaul. I wanted to have it done by now, but I lost a lot of time in November. Thanks to everyone who offered feedback on the new design this week.

Here’s the process

  1. Nuke all but a handful of the categories and start over. We’ll still have a lot of them, but they will be logical and most will be full of stuff. In other words, actually useful.
  2. Change the theme, remove the widgets I’m killing, and add the new ones.
  3. Sort out the pages.

Step one requires me to touch every post. All 646 of them. This will take a while.

We we may not be back until Wednesday or Thursday, but we will be back.

And we have new contributors to introduce.

Stay tuned, mateys!

A Thank You, A Contest, and Some Social Media Fun

Thanks, Luther for the awesome run of Walking Dead posts. I do hope we’ll have another run of them when the season resumes, and if I think of anything else that might interest you in the meantime, I’ll let you know đŸ™‚

Luther’s blog is Infinite Free Time. I frequent it because he entertains me and sometimes I learn stuff when he talks about his stats. We also clown around on Twitter. You can find him there @nfinitefreetime. I pimp his books from time to time. Here’s a link to Skylights on Amazon. Now bullet points.

  • True Classics is celebrating 5 years of blogging with a contest. There be prizes. Details here, and congratulations, you guys! Brandie is a friend and sometime contributor at Part Time Monster.SBS
  • I’ll be around for #SundayBlogshare today. Rather than the massive retweets I have been doing, I’m looking at links today and following social media connected to blogs. There will be retweets aplenty, though.
  • If you’ve not heard. I’m using my Facebook account to share blogs and interact with bloggers. Anyone can send me a friend request, but if you do and you blog under an assumed name, best to send me a clue.
  • There’s still time to get in on the Weekend Blog Hop at Single Mother Ahoy! I’m doing that myself in a while.

I am off for a bit because I am woefully out of coffee beans, and I can’t very well instigate mayhem on the Internet  without my iced coffee. I’ll be back.