Wordless Wednesday: Primal

 Photo by Gene'O

Photo by Gene’O

12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Primal

  1. I was not happy with this photo on the mobile when I looked after it posted. The cobalt did not come through at all, and the silhouette is barely discernible. Assuming why the only 8 likes. Not that it bugs me, but that is a low number for my Wordless Wednesdays. And understandable. Not my best shot.


  2. I think this may in fact be a premonition of me doing some damage control when my scented candle addiction spirals out of control. Thanks for the reality check, reverting back to cheap air freshener as of today


    • LOL. I totally get that. Since I notice from your blog that you are into some horror, you might like to know that we just finished up American Horror Story here, blogged the first season of Penny Dreadful, and are planning to blog the second season as well. Both of those have dedicated categories on our Pop Culture menu 🙂

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  3. Hi! This site is so cool! So much great content.
    Thanks for helping us spread the A to Z word!
    I hope you’ll be around when we start Twitter Chats as well!
    Have a great day and thanks for visiting me!

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    • Heather, that first response was just a quick comment I left on the way to work because I didn’t have time to do a real one. Thanks very much for the visit and do fill me in on the Twitter chat.

      I brought 5 bloggers into the Blitz today 🙂 I am visiting Jeremy next. Because I need to thank him for the art before I go one step further.


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