The Other “F” Word…. Taking Back the Meaning of Feminism

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Drifting Through

“You gotta cry without weeping, talk without speaking, scream without raising your voice…”

-U2, Running To Stand Still

Be firm, but be polite.  Be funny, but tactful.  Be hard, yet soft.  Be strong, yet understatedly so.  Be direct, but soften it with a smile.  Be smart, but don’t be too obvious about it.  Run the board room, but do it with humility.  Isn’t this what we’re taught?  Those of us of the “fairer sex”?  Not necessarily by our parents, although sometimes that is the case.  But by society.  We have surely come a long way in the last century.  While there are still these unwritten rules by which polite society would like for us to abide, we are far better off than we used to be.  Women are CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies.  Women hold key positions in national government.  We have opportunities and options and choices that women of…

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3 thoughts on “The Other “F” Word…. Taking Back the Meaning of Feminism

  1. Went ahead and reblogged this for two reasons. One, I agree with all the things on that list of what feminists are not. Second, it touches a problem we talk about quite a lot — the distortion of the word and whether or not it can be rehabilitated or reclaimed. It came into a conversation Diana and I had here:

    It’s near the end of the thread.

    That thread is also loaded with links about sexism on the internet, if you’re interested, and has related comments from a few other bloggers.

    (-edited to correct typos only.)


    • You’re welcome. Maybe it will generate a discussion. The whole problem of needing to address equality for women but having the label associated with it so fraught with negative associations is something we wrestle with quite often.


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