and the nominee is . . . YOU!

I just stumbled onto something so cool at It Goes On I have to share it right this minute:


It seems there is no limit to the number of blogs I can tap for this, so here are my nominations for the “I’m NOT Freshly Pressed Award:”

  1. Part Time Monster,
  2. Things Matter, and
  3. Everyone who likes or comments on  Sourcerer’s Awards Page for the entire life of this blog.

To accept the award, you must follow the instructions of award creator Don Charisma exactly. The instructions are not to be altered, and nominees should be sent to the original instructions for details.

Because the instructions require you to publish your nominations, inform nominees, and then complete another step before adding a link back to the blog that nominated you, I’m assuming Don means a permanent link, so I will add  It Goes On to my blogroll tonight.

I will also update my Awards and About pages to give everyone who reads them a chance to get in on the fun.

If you don’t accept awards, but you have friends or followers who might enjoy this, please pass it along in whatever way seems best.

Now, in one paragraph, here is why I want to be freshly pressed: It means a huge number of people will read my blog, and some will come back a second time. Plus I get the groovy badge that tells first time visitors I must be a fabulous blogger. That’s all. Simple as that. I want a big audience and a stamp that suggests the writers who blog here are worth reading. I don’t really go in for status and such.

ed. – You do not have to do the nomination like this. You can just do them the normal way, I am sure that’s what most people do. I just thought it would be cool to offer everyone who reads this a chance to have an award-winning blog 😉

Saturday Morning Memories: The Contributions

– The entries in this contest are fabulous. This is a nice post to check out if you’d like to see a lot of good blogging, all in one place. As I mentioned this morning at my other site, I’m shifting my Zero to Hero posting to Sourcerer beginning next week, so that The Writing Catalog can return to discussing and highlighting the best writing-focused content I can find on the internet. I’ll have a post or three over the weekend. Thanks to everyone who’s read, followed, and commented this week.

True Classics

Our fourth anniversary contest deadline has passed, and we’d like to thank the kind folks who contributed a post for this event, as well as those who passed the word along and sent their well-wishes to mark our “birthday.” The True Classics crew will be reviewing the entries over the next couple of days, and we’ll announce our three winners on Sunday.

Without further ado, here are all of the wonderful entries for the contest.

battle of the planets

At Wide Screen World, Rich (@ratzo318) puts a creative spin on the contest and checks in with little “Richie” to talk about Battle of the Planets!

scooby doo where are you title card

Margaret Perry (@MargaretPerryKH) revisits those meddling kids and their Mystery Machine with a look back at everyone’s favorite crime-solving Great Dane, Scooby Doo!

pink panther bully for pink

Angela (@MaterialGirl850) of The Hollywood Revue presents an interesting examination of how the Pink Panther cartoons helped develop…

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The Chronicles of Dwarf Vader

Dwarf Vader Logo

This Christmas, my soon-to-be-sister gave the Little Jedi a three-foot-tall Darth Vader. Really, she gave it to all of us, she just didn’t know. This guy, Dwarf Vader, has been getting into some mischief. What follows, and what the Part Time Monster weekly contribution to Sourcerer will be, are the Dwarf Vader Chronicles.

Dwarf Vader sometimes has run-ins with Tank:

Dwarf Vader sometimes uses a force field to keep the Wee Beastie away.

Dwarf Vader sometimes uses a force field to keep the Wee Beastie away.

And sometimes he plays with the Little Jedi’s toys:

Dwarf Vader never uses Jedi mind tricks on the rocking horse-if he can help it.

Dwarf Vader never uses Jedi mind tricks on the rocking horse-if he can help it.

Dwarf Vader also enjoys playing superhero dress-up. He particularly likes to use the Hulk Hands:


Dwarf Vader says “Hulk Smash”

But for now, he must dutifully get to work:

Dwarf Vader contemplates his next blog post.

Dwarf Vader contemplates his next blog post.

Tune in next week to see what new hijinks Dwarf Vader will get into. Rumor has it, he’s in for a trip to the playground and perhaps an afternoon visiting a college campus or two.