Saturday Morning Memories: The Winners!

True Classics, one of the best sites on the Web for film lovers, has announced the winners of their 4th Anniversary blogging contest. This year’s prizes go to a trio of outstanding bloggers who wrote about The Pink Panther, a Sterling Holloway Disney Classic, and Looney Tunes. Happy Anniversary once again, True Classics, and we wish you many more years of fun and success!

True Classics

Before we reveal the trio of winners in our Saturday Morning Memories anniversary contest, we want to extend our thanks once more to all of our readers, but especially to the seven participants in this year’s event. We are so glad each of you took the time to write a piece for us–especially when the caliber of the contributions was so wonderful (and made it very difficult to choose the winners!).

[A quick technical note about the results: Brandie decided to abstain from voting this year, so the winners were chosen solely by Carrie, Nikki, and Sarah through separate, secret ballots.]

Third place, and the winner of a $10 gift card of her choice: Angela from The Hollywood Revue, with her intriguing piece on The Pink Panther cartoon series and its links to silent film appreciation!

“[I]t had never occurred to me that all those Pink Panther cartoons…

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For Game of Thrones Fans


by Jeremy DeFatta

Good day, everyone. Here are a few treats for my fellow Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire fans.

Don’t forget that Martin is lead on a new anthology that features a novella about old-timey Targaryen sisters riding dragons (I still need to read it), or that The World of Ice and Fire, Martin’s long-awaited history of Westeros, is available for pre-order now.

And now, a shameless plug for one of my favorite video bloggers, comicbookgirl19. She’s a geek of many stripes. Poke around on her YouTube channel for a bit and you’ll find her videos on the histories of the great houses of Westeros. They contain invaluable information for fans of the show (or books) who haven’t delved much into the world’s lore.

ed. – Here’ a bonus. The trailer HBO released yesterday for their new season:

So, keeping spoilers to a minimum, who are your favorite characters? What are your predictions for where the show will go next? Let’s try not to give too much away to the people who haven’t been following the books yet. Failing that, anybody else a fan of the Dunk and Egg novellas? How do you feel they might fit into the larger story arcs that Martin is working up in the main series?

-edited to remove  comicbookgirl19 video. Her videos are definitely good enough to share, but we’ve had real problems getting her videos to play when we embed them. The link to her channel works, though.

image via Littlefinger’s Fan Page

GOT trailer via Indiewire

Congratulations, Garrett!

Our friend and colleague Garrett Ashley has been named to SF Signal’s Best Short Fiction of 2013. Garrett published his first post here last week.

“Brother Swine,” the story that won Garrett the honor, was published in the March, 2013, issue of Asimov’s. Unfortunately, it is not available online.

If you don’t know about SF Signal, it is one of the Internet’s premiere science fiction sites, and won the 2012-13 Hugo Award for best fanzine.

You can find links to a few of the other places Garrett has been published in his bio on our contributors page.