Zero to Hero Roundup: Ana, Anna Lynn, Ali


Finding new bloggers to have conversations with has been the greatest benefit of the Zero to Hero challenge to me. I haven’t displayed the badge on my sidebar because I haven’t been able to keep up with the assignments. I have tried to keep visiting Zero to Hero blogs and leave them likes and comments. I’ve also followed quite a few, and I have posted some things to the Zero to Hero tags just because I thought bloggers who are interested in learning new tricks might like to read them.

Today, my contribution is a roundup of a few Zero to Hero blogs with a comments about why I chose them for this feature.

Ana at Babbelogue revisits her most popular post and shares her experience of being Freshly Pressed. You want to read this post. It will show you something about how a sudden traffic spike can affect you. Having gone through this with my lucky sister recently, I can tell you, it’s true.

Alienorajt makes a confession.

Anna Lynn has some thoughts on the importance of an editorial calendar. I must say I find the idea of the binder attractive. I wish I had the time to create one, but sadly I do not. I do keep an editorial calendar, but I keep it mostly in my head. I have a bulletin board to the left of my computer that I can pin things to without getting up, and a whiteboard to the right of my computer that I can write things on without getting up. Those tools, and my experience in newspaper editing and event planning, have gotten me this far. But the day is coming when an written editorial calendar will be essential for me. I highly recommend taking Day 29 to heart if you’re into long term everyday blogging.

I’ve enjoyed the challenge very much. I’ll keep stopping by, and I may do a wrap-up post in the next few days. If you enjoyed it and you’d like to try another month-long challenge, you might want to check out Blogging from A to Z. It doesn’t start until April, so you have a couple of months to recover from Zero to Hero and plan for it if you decide to participate.

11 thoughts on “Zero to Hero Roundup: Ana, Anna Lynn, Ali

  1. Find you very interesting and will be around to chat here. Let me know ~ when you feel like having a conversation ;D Thanks Gene ( hope that is alright? )


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