4 thoughts on “RECAP: The Walking Dead, S06E02, “JSS”

    • Hm. On the one hand, you’re absolutely right that the story was thin. I recapped it in a sentence, basically. On the other hand, I thought the character bits– the contrast between Carol and Morgan, and Carol *literally* becoming what she was fighting against, for the second time– were interesting enough to make it a worthwhile episode. YMMV, I guess.


  1. I agree that this shows Carl was in the right in the previous episode/season.

    The new doctor is the sweet nurse from “Nurse Jackie”. I expect her and Eugene to get together soon.

    It took me a few minutes (well, more than, but you know what I mean) to realize this was happening in real time with the quarry operation.


    • I feel like, with the number of things they have to juggle, tomorrow’s episode was probably a bitch and a half to write. If they pull it off, this three-episode sequence will be one for the ages, at least for this show.

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