TwitterBlog: The Importance of Monday Blogs

As some of you are aware, @MondayBlogs is one of my favorite things about Twitter. This is an account which retweets links for bloggers on Mondays, and it has an associated hashtag #MondayBlogs. I tweet some version of this a couple of times a month:

Here’s how it works:

  • Tweet them a link to a blog post.
  • No book promotions.
  • The post doesn’t have to be published on Monday, the link just has to be sent on Monday.

Here’s how I use it:

  1. I retweet at least two or three links from the @MondayBlogs timeline, and sometimes I retweet a lot of them, if I have time and I see a lot of stuff that might interest my followers. I always RT Monday Blogs tweets from my friends if I notice them.
  2. I send them one link from my own account, using both @MondayBlogs and #MondayBlogs. I’ve never seen them say you should only send one. That’s just the way I do it because it feels like the right way to play.
  3. I usually send them a link to a post written by someone other than me or Diana. I only send our stuff if it’s something especially good or something I’m trying to get a lot of exposure for. The reason I use it this way is that it’s a simple, easy way to do something nice for another blogger. No reason you can’t send a link to one of your own posts every week — that’s what most people do.

I’ve picked up quite a few Twitter followers who I first met by favoriting and retweeting from @MondayBlogs, and I think that’s where its real value is. It’s not going to magically attract hundreds of extra visitors to your blog by retweeting your link, but it will help you meet bloggers. Since it only takes a few minutes to send one link, favorite a few, and retweet a couple, it’s something you should consider.

I strongly recommend checking out @MondayBlogs and thinking about participating if you have a little spare time on Mondays. Especially if you’re looking to meet bloggers or grow your following. It’s helped me out tremendously.

@Mondayblogs was established by author @RachelintheOC, who also writes very helpful articles on how to use social media. She runs @BadRedHeadMedia, as well. I follow all three.

I’ll have a preview for the rest of the week this afternoon.

16 thoughts on “TwitterBlog: The Importance of Monday Blogs

    • you’re very welcome.

      And the RTs aren’t required. I just do it because it’s in keeping with the way I operate and it’s a good way to meet other bloggers.


  1. Wow, I’m so pleased you wrote this! Honored. MondayBlogs has grown far beyond what I every imagined because of wonderful people like you. Thank you again!

    RTs are a wonderful way to connect with other bloggers, follow each other, comment/reply, etc. I’m a strong believe in building relationships, not SELL SELL SELL and #MondayBlogs achieves that.

    thanks again!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks very much for stopping by, and I totally agree with you about connecting. That’s what these blogs are about. We put more energy into figuring out how to generate comment threads than any other single aspect of blogging.

      I’d still be sitting at 60 Twitter followers if other bloggers hadn’t taught me tricks. So when I learn things, I try to put them out there so other folks can just take the shortcut.


    • It may take them a while to notice you. It helps to RT MB tweets a bit. And sometimes they are so busy they can’t RT everyone, but they nearly always RT my one link.


        • Noticed and thanked me 🙂 Take a look upthread. Didn’t see and approve that one til I after responded to you. I was off the blog admin all day, so just catching up.

          Some of the stuff in that Twitter series I wrote, I learned from Rachel, and she wrote that article that I share with people who are stuck following 2000 accounts. MB are good folks.


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