Six Months of Batman. Party Time!!

This week we’ll have Jeremy’s 26th weekly Batman post, so we’re celebrating with a humorous image. If this is not appropriate for the six-month anniversary of a Batman series, I don’t know what is.


Jeremy recently started his own blog, quaintjeremysthoughts. And have we mentioned that DC Comics is celebrating Batman’s 75th Anniversary this year? You can find links to all Jeremy’s Batman posts here, and follow him on Twitter @quaintjeremy.

Here’s a preview for the rest of the week:

  • I’ll have a post about a film which is premiering in Mississippi this weekend, which I hope will help our efforts to gain full legal rights for all Mississippians regardless of sexual orientation or identity.
  • Another Penny Dreadful review from Diana, which, based on our stats, a lot of people must be looking forward to.
  • Batman and Wordless Wednesday, obviously.
  • A music post from CompGeekDavid.
  • A Follow Friday on the Blog.
  • I’m planning to have another installment of my Tolkien series at Part Time Monster, as well, and Diana has agreed to write the Feminist Friday post over there, unless someone else offers to write one.

Have a marvelous week!


TwitterBlog: The Importance of Monday Blogs

As some of you are aware, @MondayBlogs is one of my favorite things about Twitter. This is an account which retweets links for bloggers on Mondays, and it has an associated hashtag #MondayBlogs. I tweet some version of this a couple of times a month:

Here’s how it works:

  • Tweet them a link to a blog post.
  • No book promotions.
  • The post doesn’t have to be published on Monday, the link just has to be sent on Monday.

Here’s how I use it:

  1. I retweet at least two or three links from the @MondayBlogs timeline, and sometimes I retweet a lot of them, if I have time and I see a lot of stuff that might interest my followers. I always RT Monday Blogs tweets from my friends if I notice them.
  2. I send them one link from my own account, using both @MondayBlogs and #MondayBlogs. I’ve never seen them say you should only send one. That’s just the way I do it because it feels like the right way to play.
  3. I usually send them a link to a post written by someone other than me or Diana. I only send our stuff if it’s something especially good or something I’m trying to get a lot of exposure for. The reason I use it this way is that it’s a simple, easy way to do something nice for another blogger. No reason you can’t send a link to one of your own posts every week — that’s what most people do.

I’ve picked up quite a few Twitter followers who I first met by favoriting and retweeting from @MondayBlogs, and I think that’s where its real value is. It’s not going to magically attract hundreds of extra visitors to your blog by retweeting your link, but it will help you meet bloggers. Since it only takes a few minutes to send one link, favorite a few, and retweet a couple, it’s something you should consider.

I strongly recommend checking out @MondayBlogs and thinking about participating if you have a little spare time on Mondays. Especially if you’re looking to meet bloggers or grow your following. It’s helped me out tremendously.

@Mondayblogs was established by author @RachelintheOC, who also writes very helpful articles on how to use social media. She runs @BadRedHeadMedia, as well. I follow all three.

I’ll have a preview for the rest of the week this afternoon.