Six Months of Batman. Party Time!!

This week we’ll have Jeremy’s 26th weekly Batman post, so we’re celebrating with a humorous image. If this is not appropriate for the six-month anniversary of a Batman series, I don’t know what is.


Jeremy recently started his own blog, quaintjeremysthoughts. And have we mentioned that DC Comics is celebrating Batman’s 75th Anniversary this year? You can find links to all Jeremy’s Batman posts here, and follow him on Twitter @quaintjeremy.

Here’s a preview for the rest of the week:

  • I’ll have a post about a film which is premiering in Mississippi this weekend, which I hope will help our efforts to gain full legal rights for all Mississippians regardless of sexual orientation or identity.
  • Another Penny Dreadful review from Diana, which, based on our stats, a lot of people must be looking forward to.
  • Batman and Wordless Wednesday, obviously.
  • A music post from CompGeekDavid.
  • A Follow Friday on the Blog.
  • I’m planning to have another installment of my Tolkien series at Part Time Monster, as well, and Diana has agreed to write the Feminist Friday post over there, unless someone else offers to write one.

Have a marvelous week!


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