Zero to Hero Roundup: Ana, Anna Lynn, Ali


Finding new bloggers to have conversations with has been the greatest benefit of the Zero to Hero challenge to me. I haven’t displayed the badge on my sidebar because I haven’t been able to keep up with the assignments. I have tried to keep visiting Zero to Hero blogs and leave them likes and comments. I’ve also followed quite a few, and I have posted some things to the Zero to Hero tags just because I thought bloggers who are interested in learning new tricks might like to read them.

Today, my contribution is a roundup of a few Zero to Hero blogs with a comments about why I chose them for this feature.

Ana at Babbelogue revisits her most popular post and shares her experience of being Freshly Pressed. You want to read this post. It will show you something about how a sudden traffic spike can affect you. Having gone through this with my lucky sister recently, I can tell you, it’s true.

Alienorajt makes a confession.

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You can have your own tag!!

goodwriter meme

I am supposed to be putting things together for tomorrow, but I just discovered this and it is information that demands to be shared. I have my own wordpress tag. Seriously. Go to your reader and follow “Gene’O.” The reader will take out the caps and the apostrophe, but allow you to see everything I’ve written that’s either tagged with my name or filed in the “By Gene’O” categories at PTM and Sourcerer.

It was Taylor Grace who helped me figure this out. I read this post over there, which was kind of inspired by one I wrote earlier, and if you want to learn something about how to deal with frustration in a healthy way, you should go and read it. I noticed that post was tagged with my first name, so I had to go and take a look.

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How I learned to stop worrying and love the #NSA (#privacyisaright #stopthensa #wordpress)


Something happened to me over the weekend. I came home Friday with the idea of editing some posts about comics and movies, writing one of my own called “Isildur’s Bane,” scheduling a few videos, and taking most of the weekend off.

Ten minutes after I arrived home, The Pirate Org derailed that plan.

I found this in my Twitter feed:

Of course I had to look into it. Despite my best efforts to stick to books and videos, I have strong political views. I care about the human rights and civil liberties of real, actual people. I quickly decided this was something I couldn’t pass up. I debated whether to support The Day We Fight Back personally on Facebook and Twitter, or whether to blog about it here.

To make a long story short, I did some research. I posted about the Feb. 11 event and proposed a Thunderclap (if you don’t know what that is, see this page ). I didn’t get the support I needed to set up the Thunderclap, but I had some good conversations.

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I finally got around to adding a page.


I am talking about Day 20, of course.

Here is my new page.

The backstory is on this comments thread.

If you still haven’t done Day 22, may I humbly suggest that this counts as an event, even though we have not listed it?

(The fact that The Leather Library also added a page today is what makes it an event.)