Live Long And Prosper


“It is better to travel well than to arrive.”


I didn’t get a Follow Friday for the blog done this week. I just ran out of time, again. But I know who I’m giving the next five to. It’s just a question of finding time to do those five blogs justice. And we’ve moved the Feminist Friday discussion threads to Part Time Monster. If you haven’t heard that news, just click the link to see what we’re talking about this week.

The Wit and Wisdom of the Lumineers

One of the most interesting bands I have found in recent years is the Lumineers. They are hard to describe in a few words, hard to nail down to a genre or style. iTunes describes them as “front porch Americana.” Not a bad start.

I want to consider a few of the great traits of this band, to share with you what I like about this band, and to share why I think you they deserve a listen – if you haven’t already! Their eponymous first studio album came out in 2012, so I’m at least hoping there’s more to come from them soon.

In the meantime, this is a band from Denver, and I’m from Denver, and it would be neat to see them play there sometime! But for now, my sense of the Lumineers.

A Sense of History

One of the things that stands out about the Lumineers is their sense of history. They sing songs set solidly in the past, and seem to capture some of the feeling from the time. They tap back into the Roaring Twenties, World War II, and Vietnam.

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