Feelin’ Good Again

This is another good example of what I was said this morning at The Writing Catalog about the importance of images.

This song could be trite, sentimental in a sickly-sweet sort of way, and utterly forgettable despite the absolutely beautiful chord progression. It’s none of those things. It works, and I think it works for two reasons. First, it’s loaded with images. Second, it tells a story (and I have plenty to say about narrative eventually).

The music starts around 1:20; it’s worth a listen. This is the best combination of A/V I have been able to come up with; it’s difficult to find live performances of Robert Earl that have both good visual and good sound quality.

This is personal.

Those of you who really know me know I have been through a couple of years of hard times. The sort of hard times that require you to make sacrifices. Like leaving a beautiful Martin guitar unstrung in a closet, even though guitars don’t really like being without strings.

Well, things are looking up for me now. The salary will kick in eventually, and when it does, the first thing I am doing is taking that guitar to the shop and getting it fixed up. It will probably take them a week to get it right.

When I finally bring it home, change my clothes, and find a comfortable place to sit down with it, this is the first thing I am playing:

Only without the fourishes. Just a basic D/G/A, and my voice.

This video is precious despite the fact that the voice is out-of-synch and it’s a cover of a Rolling Stones song.

Live footage of TVZ is hard to come by these days, and the older I get, the more I miss him.

Eight more days.

This is The Night of the Doctor, a mini-episode prequel, by BBC. Written by Steven Moffat and starring Paul McGann. Enjoy!

CompGeekDavid has some stuff to say about the Doctor, too. It was so good I had to comment on it the minute i read it. Check it out.