Music, Feminist Friday Note, and Preview.

Music first, from the wayback machine:

Last week’s Feminist Friday discussion went well. The idea I floated received a positive response, but getting it rolling is more than a few little bloggers can handle. I’m thinking about the next step. In the meantime, I’m open to ideas for this week’s discussion. If you want to have any input, I need it by Wednesday evening.

We’ll double up tomorrow with another Penny Dreadful review from Diana and a review of Sinestro #2 from Jeremy. We’ll have Batman and a Wordless Wednesday the day after, something good for Thursday, and hopefully (fingers crossed) a Follow Friday on the blog to end the week.

At the Writing Catalog, I’m tackling  Ruth Graham’s recent article, “Against YA” from Slate Tomorrow. I’ll also have a Wordless Wednesday over there this week and a second installment of my public domain poetry feature on Thursday.

I’m not sure whether or not I’ll have the next installment of my long-running Tolkien series at Part Time Monster this week or not. If I don’t, I’ll do a shorter Tolkien post and link to some good articles from a few of my fellow Tolkien bloggers.

A Thank You, Feminist Friday Plan, and two more things you want to read. With music.

Happy International Workers’ Day, and long may we endure. All of us.

Old School Harlequin nominated me for a Dragon’s Loyalty Award more than a week ago, and I have yet to say thanks. I’ve been busy. So, I’m saying thanks now, and congrats, OSHarley, on getting Liebstered again. Best of luck with your Facebook page, which will soon be added to the feed I use to track blogs with fan pages. I will never not say thank you for an award.

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One Good Video Deserves Another

One of my favorite things about blogs is that you can use the posts themselves to have conversations, if you can find another blogger or two to play along. Part Time Monster has three versions of “House of the Rising Sun” today, so I thought, hey, why not post three more 😉

This is White Buffalo singing with the Forest Rangers, who do a lot of music for the FX series Sons of Anarchy. Worst sound quality of the six, but still my favorite overall performance. It gets bonus points because White Buffalo’s drinking a beer while he sings it.

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Weekend #Music Video

This song has been playing in my head, probably because I’ve been interacting a bit with Buffalo Tom Peabody over the last few days. I like the song because it tells a story with a peculiar combination of humor and nostalgia.

More about Buffalo Springfield at the Wiki.