Thanks for the Awards! (with weekend preview)

Thanks to friends Natacha, Ali, and CompGeeks for nominating me for Very Inspiring Blogger, Wonderful Team Member Readership, and Versatile Blogger  awards. I truly appreciate the compliments, and I’m very pleased that two of those nominations are for The Writing Catalog. I’m way behind on award nominations, and maxed out with A to Z and local politics right now, but  I’m planning to do a week-long, written-in advance awards fest in late May, and use the free time during the week it runs to give my blogs an overhaul.I’m going to try another round of Feminist Friday discussion this weekend, beginning tomorrow morning. I’ll tweet a few invites once I get the post together. Not sure exactly how the post will go yet, but the fact that I spent several hours last night poring over rape statistics should give you a clue.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed Mississippi SB2681 today. Deep South Progressive has the story. I’ll have more to say about it over the weekend.

April Plans, and Preview for the Week

First, a couple of things.

@tripghetaway has set up a Thunderclap for his Project Marijuana indiegogo campaign. He wants to make a documentary about legalization, and I’m supporting him. I have an explainer for Thunderclap if you’re interested.

A big thanks to Comparative Geeks for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. This is one of my favorite awards, and I’m thrilled to have received it from them. CompGeeks is the first WordPress blog I commented on back in November, and they left a comment here wishing us good luck on day 1. Since we’re still talking, I say we’re friends. If you’re looking for some good blogs to follow, you should check out their other nominations. I follow many of them already.

As I mentioned a couple of times this week, I almost withdrew from the A to Z Challenge. I changed my mind because @hohmeisw(Will) and @quaintjeremy have provided me with enough posts to update Monday-Thursday here for most of the next two weeks without writing a word. We’ll have a Doctor Who post this week and a comics extravaganza for the next little while. Here are my two top priorities:

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Thanks, Thoughts on Blogging Awards, and 7 Things About Me


Thanks to Diana for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. She was nominated by E. of The Playground – a blog I heartily recommend. This is one of the first awards I noticed being passed around when I started my blogs, and it’s one I really wanted. I don’t rush to do nominations, but I do say thanks with a link within a day or two of receiving them.

I’ve said some of this stuff on comments threads and on Sourcerer’s awards page, but here is how I feel about awards. I love them. I enjoy receiving them and I enjoy passing them on. I think they are a good way to complement other bloggers on their work. I don’t attach any real status to them, but I do enjoy looking at a blog’s side bar and awards page when I first discover it to see which awards they’ve won.

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