Shake the Dust Off Your Wings and the Sleep Out of Your Eyes


I post Townes Van Zandt here on New Years’ Day, and that is all we do on the first day of the year. Because he left the world on Jan. 1, 1997, much too early, and I miss him.

I make all kinds of allowances for Townes. The videos can be longer than two-and-a-half minutes and they do not need to include a live performance, as long as the audio is good.

“To Live is to Fly” is his best song.

These demo sessions are his greatest musical accomplishment. The voice and strings work together here in a way that is all too rare. This was recorded the year I was born.

We’re back to business tomorrow.

For today, enjoy your greens and black-eyed peas.

Shake the dust off of your wings, and the sleep out of your eyes.


“To Live is to Fly” by Townes Van Zandt. One of my ten favorite songs, and high on the list. I’ve never heard of Sean Weaver before today, but I like his cover enough to go and see what else he’s doing.

PTM had a monster day today. Brandie’s #yesallwomen, #yesallgirs post got a ton of looks. I’m looking forward to the Feminist Friday discussion tomorow at PTM.

I published a post on my updated social media strategy at The Writing Catalog today, and I’m looking to chat with bloggers who use StumbleUpon. Especially ones I already know. I’m linking it here because it’s an invitation, and very few people have seen it.

Slight change of plan for tomorrow. I’ve not been able to get a “Follow Friday on the Blog” together, and it’s too late to do it now. Those posts have to be good – I can never phone them in, because they talk about friends and blogging buddies. But that will become a regular feature. I’ll have something else for the A.M. post tomorrow and reblog the Feminist Friday post when the time seems right.

Here’s to a happy weekend! I’m off to Twitter for a bit.

Townes Himself

Singing “Pancho and Lefty”, and cracking jokes about it being a hit.

I’ve been looking for a video of him singing this song that was good enough to share for years. Found it today. That’s all I have to say about. This is a case of the work speaking for itself.

Thanks Again for the Liebster Award, guys!


Nicole Sloan and Kerry from Aspernauts nominated me for a Liebster on Tuesday, but Sourcerer has too many followers to accept, so I Kerry graciously agreed to allow me to passed the  nomination on to The Writing Catalog. I answered Kerry’s questions in my acceptance post over there today, but I thought it only fair, since I was nominated for my work here, to answer Nicole’s questions and link to my nominees here, as well. Here are my nominees:

  1. Things Matter
  2. Wordgasm
  3. The Scribbler’s Quill
  4. Lazy Lady
  5. Outright Geekery
  6. All Things Tolkien
  7. A Tolkienist’s Perspective
  8. The Leather Library
  9. NOLA Feminizer
  10. Part Time Monster


I selected blogs with under 200, based on WordPress followers. Some of these blogs are almost there. Give them a look, you might like them as much as I do. Now on to Nicole’s questions.

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