I try not to be overly dramatic about storms, and dislike the way the Weather Channel catastrophizes every little thing, but we had some bad ones last night and have more on the way.

Our hearts go out to everyone who’s been affected by this storm. I haven’t been able to find anything comprehensive this morning. The last info I saw said we had nine tornadoes in Mississippi alone.

We take storms like this seriously.

I saw this tornado with my own eyes last year. It passed within a few blocks of me.

Diana sheltered in the basement of a dorm while this one plowed through the campus of her alma mater 12 years ago. And I’ve had enough other close calls to have a care. One of my earliest memories is of an aunt who was minding me taking me into the hallway of an apartment and pulling a mattress into the hallway to cover our heads.

So, last night I scheduled posts for today and tomorrow here and at The Writing Catalog, just in case I lose power or Internet. I’m planning to be around as normal, but it pays to be prepared. Supposedly, we have more in store today, but I’m hoping the worst of it is over.