Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Blogging Confessions

The good folks at The Broke and the Bookish have a weekly meme post called Top Ten Tuesday. This week’s topic is blogging confessions, so I really must join in. Here are ten confessions from me.


1. I need absolute silence to write. I can tolerate a low level of white noise such as an aquarium pump. Music, never. If there’s noise around and I must write, I tune it out and write more slowly.

2. Sometimes I blog about political things. I am always conflicted about that, right up to the moment I press the publish button. I have a strict rule (80/20 max) about the ratio of pop culture and social media content to political content here. I don’t want to be a political blogger. Usually, when I write about political stuff, it’s because I’m looking at something that I view as either too ugly to let pass or patently ridiculous.

3. I’m not really a social media wizard, despite the persona. I’m a speed-reader, I’m good at research, and I have a talent for figuring out what works and sticking with it until it doesn’t. I also have a talent for letting things go when they don’t work.

4. I’m always stressing out about not reading and commenting on other blogs more. The kind of social media network I want is one that runs on interaction and reciprocity. I often feel like I am not holding up my end.

5. I blogged at Blogspot, years ago, under a pseudonym. Later I had a WordPress blog for a few years that I’ve since deleted. During that first WordPress phase, I was experimenting with cross-network engagement, but the tools weren’t there to make it workable for a guy with a full-time job to manage.

6. Diana, my sister, credits me with the idea for these blogs. I suppose that’s fair enough. I never would have jumped back into blogging, though, if I hadn’t had contributors offering to pitch in and if Diana hadn’t pushed me along. When she called me last October and told me she’d started blogging, I kicked my own plans into high gear.

7. I wish we’d blogged for the first month, but not published anything. We’d likely still be a couple of weeks ahead and the last 8 months would have gone much more smoothly. I also wish I’d taken the number of photos I’ve taken this summer last summer before we started. An archive of original images is a real asset.

8. My goal from the beginning has been to get three blogs posting every day, keep them posting every day, and answer comments. Aside from a couple of hiccups, I’ve managed to do that with the help of contributors and by virtue of the fact that one of those blogs is Diana’s responsibility. I’m proud of this accomplishment.

9. I just love Twitter. If I suddenly found myself the sole content producer for all the blogs I contribute to, I’d keep one going, post every couple of days, Tweet like a madman on the days I wasn’t posting, and grow my Twitter following to 100k.

10. I am amazed at the awesomeness of the bloggers I’ve met since I started. Absolutely amazed. The conviviality and the conversations on the threads are my favorite part of blogging.

Who Doesn’t Love Awards?

– Congratuations to Wordgasm’s nominees! I look forward to checking out each of your blogs.


Thanks to Gene’O I have been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award!


This really means a lot to me since I love when anyone takes the time out to read my posts and appreciate what I have to say. For any aspiring writer, any positive feedback is truly a blessing and it just makes me want to keep moving forward with my writing. The rules say I must share seven things about myself, so here it goes!

Seven Things:

1. I have lived on Long Island (NY) my whole life but I have intense dreams of leaving here due to its expensive living costs. The only thing I would miss is being one hour away from New York City, which is just a train ride away and being close to the water. A lot of people travel hours just to get to the beach, me? I drive less than 10…

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I so love awards :-)


I have been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, and that makes me very happy, especially since I was nominated by Diana of Part Time Monster and we joke around quite a bit about Sourcerer being the  dragon of the PTM empire. I am even more thrilled that Travelling Macs nominated Part Time Monster. Diana and I have both put a lot into PTM, we haven’t been at it all that long, and getting an award from another blogger is very encouraging.

Seven Things About Me

1. I need well-ordered space and daily quiet time to function properly. When my environment is loud or chaotic for more than a few hours, I get a little crazy. This is probably because I am prone to introversion.

2. I know how to paint an entire house and do it well enough to actually take money for the job.

3. My wedding anniversary is May 13. My wife’s grandparents were also married on May 13 in 1929, and May 13 is the date I graduated from high school.

4. I was once required to leave a polling place because I was wearing a campaign t-shirt, and that is against the law. I was 4.

5. I have lucid dreams. I trained myself to do it over a period of years using simple memory techniques.

6. In 1992, I was nominated to compete in essay contest in which I had to sit down in a room, choose one of three prompts, and compose an essay longhand. The essays were typed and given to the judges without the authors’s names attached. I won. The essay was about what the U.S. invasion of Panama was telling us about the direction American society was headed at the time.


7. Like Diana, I am good at poker. Which is funny, really, because a poker table is the only environment in which I can maintain a straight face for hours without having to work at it. Most of the time, it is easy to look at my face and tell how I am feeling (telling what I am thinking is another matter entirely).


Since I have only been blogging here for a month, I am nominating blogs I follow rather than bloggers I know. I just don’t know that many bloggers yet, and I don’t spend enough time commenting on what others are doing, so that is my own fault. Here are the criteria I used to pick my nominees:

  1. I find what they are writing entertaining enough, or useful enough, to read them every time they appear in my reader, and reading their work encourages me to keep blogging. Presentation of content is a factor here.
  2. They have relatively small followings, based on the info WordPress and FaceBook are giving me; OR
  3. They are relatively new blogs, based on their posted archives.
  4. I have friends who would really like them if they knew about them.

These criteria disqualify a lot of blogs that I would love to nominate for an award, but it gives me the opportunity to do something nice for some bloggers who truly deserve more exposure than they seem to be getting at the moment. My nominations, in no particular order:

The Zombie Blog

Therefore I Geek

An American View of British Science Fiction


Cate’s Book Nut Hut


Universal Half Truths


Here are the rules for accepting the award as I understand them. In your acceptance post:

  1. Link back to the blog that nominated you.
  2. Tell 7 things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 7 other blogs that you find encouraging or inspiring as a blogger.