Marvel’s New Captain America

Last week I reviewed the introduction of the new female Thor in the comics. I tried to focus on the comic, but that devolved rather a lot to talking about other comics. So this week, I don’t think I’m going to try again.

Cover to Captain America #25I’m going to review the introduction of the new Captain America, but the way that makes the most sense to me on how to do this is to compare it to the introduction of the new Thor. Both comics came out October 1 – so they meant for both things to be happening and news and exciting and interesting at once, and I think that also means that comparing them makes a lot of sense.

The other reason this is an interesting exercise is because the two are so different from one another. Both, as far as the news aspects go, are about a long-standing character being replaced, and at the same time increasing representation in comics. It’s a good goal, but the question exists as to whether it is a publicity stunt, or a long-term change.

So… what’s up with the new Captain America?

Wait, Captain America – Didn’t He Die?

Good catch, and yes, it made the news that a few years back, Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, died in the comics. The mantle of Captain America was taken up by his old friend and comrade, Bucky Barnes, only recently found to be alive. As, you know, the Winter Soldier.

The plot to the next Captain America film? Who knows! I hear new rumors flying.

But it’s hard to keep a dead comic hero down. In that spirit, Steve Rogers came back. Never really dead, he eventually ends up as Captain America again. One thing leading to another, more recently his Super Soldier Serum has been removed. Sure, he’s more than his super powers, but it also makes him age to his chronological age – old.

So he can’t do any supering. Again, not dead, so they could certainly solve this one and get him his powers back some day. That door is open. But what’d they do in the mean time?

General Geriatric! Crickets...

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