Weekend Music: Something that makes me weepy


I was comparing notes with some people on Facebook last night about songs that bring tears to the eyes. (Don’t judge — what else am I going to do on Facebook?) The Stones versions of this one from the 60s and 70s do it for me. In the 80s, they started playing it as pop and it lost a lot of its power.  While I was searching last night for a live version of it that actually gives me that feeling, I found this. And it does 🙂 The Corrs with Ron Wood. I hope you enjoy it as  much as I do.

More to come this weekend.

Preview, and Dead Flowers


We have more of everything this week, and then some.

More True Blood from Diana, more Batman from Jeremy, more music from CompGeekDavid, Also, hopefully, an actual Tolkien post from me at Part Time Monster, and a social media post about StumbleUpon as well. The StumbleUpon strategy might be taking a leap forward soon.

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