Rankin County, Mississippi recognizes same sex marriage

Well, sort of. This is pure awesome.

Chrissy and Anna paid $12 to record their marriage license as a public document in their hometown of Brandon, Mississippi at the Chancery Clerk’s Office!

If you don’t know how Mississippi’s county courts work, marriage licenses have to be filed with the Circuit Clerk for the marriage to be legally recognized. The Chancery Clerk handles property transfers, among other things. Our friends at Deep South Progressive have the full story.

This is an good symbolic move, but there could be  more to it than that. I’m not an attorney, so take the rest of this with a grain of salt, but here is what I’m thinking.

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I support The Campaign for Southern Equality.


Vicki and I bopped up to Safe Harbor Family Church in Jackson Sunday because @CSElive followed me on Twitter during the SB2681 madness a couple of weeks ago and let me know they were coming to Mississippi this week for an action. I wanted to talk to them in person and see how they conduct a political action before I decided whether or not to go all in with them. I’ll tell you, they impressed us both.

Their training session was professional. Their strategy and their methods are sound. They respect that they are working with people, and they are very up front about the fact that everyone has to decide for themselves whether or not to engage in political action. Vicki and I have decided to give them as much social media support as we can muster, and our personal endorsements.

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More reasons to be proud of #Mississippi: #Race, #Education, #CriminalJustice, #CivilRights

I was puttering around yesterday, making a little to-do list, checking in with my tweeps, thinking I’d take it easy and recharge my batteries a little for the week ahead. Unfortunately, I picked up this news story on twitter. It’s about a 15 year-old student at Olive Branch (just south of Memphis) being suspended because he flashed his football jersey number in a photo and administrators interpreted it as a gang sign. I’m not going to summarize all the details – it’s a long article and it’s worth a read.

Now, before I write one more word about this, let me just say: I don’t make a habit of bashing my home state for the fun of it, nor do I go in for using negativity just to attract internet traffic. I’m writing this because the situation deserves a closer look, and because the hour I’ve spent digging into school discipline in Mississippi raises some questions that I believe it is fair to ask.

Without direct personal knowledge of this situation, here is what I think:

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Opinion: Marriage Equality

My social media is awash with pink equal signs and rainbow flags. It’s lit up like a multi-colored Christmas tree. Which, it should be, because the Mississippi legislature has decided that, of all the things we could possibly need them to do, the thing that most needs doing is for them to protect our religious freedom. Because we don’t already have a Bill of Rights for that or anything.


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