WC Don’s, R.E.M., and Big Arm Dancing

– This is a very nice memoir of the 90s music scene. It’s funny, I don’t claim the 80s, either. Since I am just a few years younger, I claim the 90s. When my friends and I first discovered REM, they were referred to as a “college band.” If you’re interested in the development of popular music, late 80s to mid-90s Atlanta is sure to fascinate.

My Wild Surmise


In the days of my youth I was told what it means…oh, sorry.  I got sidetracked a little there.  In the days of my youth, Lynyrdskynyrdville had one of the greatest dive bars ever to sling a beer and hire a band. It was so cool that Rolling Stone named it one of the top ten dive bars in the United States.  That’s right.  Little ole Lynyrdskynyrdville had one of the top ten dive bars for a while there back in the mid-eighties to the mid-nineties.  It was called WC Don’s, as in “We Couldn’t Decide On A Name”, but we just called it Don’s.  It was an alternative music mecca, benefitting greatly from its reasonable proximity to Athens, Georgia – in other words, Don’s was a major stopover on the southeast dive bar circuit for Athens-based bands.  R.E.M. was among the plethora of bands that performed there in their early…

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