Weekend Music and Stuff!


This is harder than it looks, people. Give Reina del Cid some social media love.

Comparative Geeks is in the market for guest posts to help keep their blog running when the Geek Baby arrives. There is an opportunity here for some of you. And keep in mind, this is the first blog other than mine and Diana’s that got a link from me. I’m working on some guest posts for them myself.

If you are are Blogging A to Z in April, and you have a free hour on a Thursday sometime, you should join in the A to Z Twitter chat. These occur at 1 pm and 8 pm ET and last an hour. Some co-hosts show up and ask questions using the hashtags #azchat and #atozchallenge. Everyone answers them. I’ve done a couple of them, and they are fun.

The Feminist Friday is up at Part Time Monster.

That is all.

Weekend Music, A Day Early! (This will get stuck in your head.)


Reina del Cid and Toni Lindgren with a Nickle Creek (not the same as Nickleback, people!) song about a preacher who predicted the end of the world several times. I almost posted it last weekend. It got stuck in my head while I was making the decision. I have been humming it all week. Enjoy!

Three things:

  1. Jeremy will be back next week.
  2. I am revealing my #1000Speak topic this weekend.
  3. The Feminist Friday is at Victim to Charm this week.

That is quite enough for a Thursday, I think 🙂

And Now For Something Completely Different

Reina Del Cid again. The woman with the blue guitar I discovered by accident on YouTube. She is not singing this time. Asking random people she encounters on the streets of Minneapolis to complete her song lyrics. This is funny.

Big stuff happening around here. We’re changing the routine after a year of bringing you comics every Wednesday, but not to worry. We have television adaptations of comics, and we have two of them.

  • We are doing Agent Carter on Tuesdays. David will fill you in on that tomorrow.
  • Also, Arrow on Fridays from Melissa. More details about this one on Wednesday.
  • Will is back soon with a two-part series about a game which I am sure you all know and love, but I am not saying which game just yet.
  • And oh yes. Monthly book reviews by Rebecca. Those start next week.

We also have a Star Wars post from Natacha coming. Not this week, but soon 🙂

Life is good! Have an awesome week 🙂