Thanks Again for the Liebster Award, guys!


Nicole Sloan and Kerry from Aspernauts nominated me for a Liebster on Tuesday, but Sourcerer has too many followers to accept, so I Kerry graciously agreed to allow me to passed the  nomination on to The Writing Catalog. I answered Kerry’s questions in my acceptance post over there today, but I thought it only fair, since I was nominated for my work here, to answer Nicole’s questions and link to my nominees here, as well. Here are my nominees:

  1. Things Matter
  2. Wordgasm
  3. The Scribbler’s Quill
  4. Lazy Lady
  5. Outright Geekery
  6. All Things Tolkien
  7. A Tolkienist’s Perspective
  8. The Leather Library
  9. NOLA Feminizer
  10. Part Time Monster


I selected blogs with under 200, based on WordPress followers. Some of these blogs are almost there. Give them a look, you might like them as much as I do. Now on to Nicole’s questions.

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