Tuesday Chatter: Feedback Welcome

sourcererDuring the first year I blogged here, I posted a lot of planning-type stuff and sometimes asked for reader feedback. One of the reasons I did that was because most of my social media friends were people I knew only in the blogosphere. I stopped doing it in January because one of my goals for the year was to turn Sourcerer into a seamless five-or-six-day-a-week pop culture blog.

But anyone who’s trying to build audience for creative work is wise to ask readers what they want now and then. So I’m asking for feedback on a few things today. Everyone is welcome to chime in.

  1. Comics, TV, and Movies have been the core of our content here so far. The tv/movie blogging has tended to focus on comics-based, horror, and occasionally sci-fi series. If we were going to expand our tv/movie offerings, what would you like to see?
  2. On the stand-alone photos. How many of you enjoyed those enough to stop by regularly for them? And those of you who did like them (it’s ok to be honest here) — did you typically interact with them by coming to the blog itself, or did you interact with them solely from your reader and/or on twitter?
  3. Look/feel. Anything I can do to improve your experience of this blog as a reader from a layout-design-widget standpoint?

Any other constructive feedback to help us improve the blog is welcome. We’re getting into the time of year where I do any redesign & long-term content planning that needs to be taken care of before we get back into the starting blocks for 2016.

Also, would any or you who have never contributed here before like to step aboard and join our hearty crew? If so, hit me up and we’ll work out a way to discuss it privately.

arrr, Mateys!

arrr, Mateys!

Other notes 

We’ve got a collaborative review of the Fantastic Four movie from Hannah and Melissa running tomorrow, and you don’t want to miss that. Also, I’m working on a guest post for Hannah. Not sure when it’ll be finished or when it will run, but the first draft is done.

We’re taking Thursday as an off-day for a bit. We’ve never been the strongest on Thursdays, and I’m to the point where I’m just not willing to publish our valuable, wordy content on Thursdays unless we have a glut of it, or unless we work out a specific plan for that day. If I do anything at all on Thursdays for the next little while, it’s going to be to reblog and/or do quick roundups to encourage you to visit some of our contributors & friends.

Monday Music and Weekly Preview


This is quite a stellar group of musicians all on one stage.  On with the preview.

  • I don’t have this week’s Doctor Who ready to go at Part Time Monster yet, but I’m hoping to get it out sometime today so as not to interfere with tomorrow’s schedule.
  • All the photo features are running at Just Gene’O this week to make room for some written posts here. I’m hoping to have a Top Ten Tuesday tomorrow and a Thursday Thirteen later this week.  I’d also like to put together a post about frequent challenges to Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. I’d intended to do this for Banned Book Week, but I wasn’t able to get it done.
  • The Feminist Friday discussion will be at Things Matter this week, and if you missed Hannah’s Banned Book Week Blog Party over there, you can find a ton of banned book posts in her archives.

BONUS LINK: This is for you comics fans. (I know you’re out there!) Check out CompGeekHolly’s first impression of the new Gotham series.

Have a great week!

Feminist Friday Regrouping, Comics, and Other Updates


I’ll just be totally honest and tell you we’re in a bit of a bind. Five people produce 90% of the content here. Three of us are in a phase where we don’t have time to blog, and a fourth has his own blogs to maintain. But of course we aren’t going a day without a posting both here and at The Monster if we can help it. So I’ll be posting a fair number of photos this week with the goal of getting us through to Friday. Now for the updates.

  • Feminist Fridays will resume next week. I’ll do a recap of the last round on Sept. 12. I’m hoping I haven’t let this sleep for too long. If you like the Feminist Fridays, and especially if you’re planning to write for it, you need to read the regrouping post at Just Gene’O and respond. It will be at the top of the page over there for most of the week. I’m moving all the coordination and the speaking directly to collaborators to that blog.
  • We’ll have something tomorrow to let you know where we’re going with the comics. We’re not dropping the comics because they’re just too much fun, and too well-liked.
  • I’m doing reviews of the new season of Doctor Who on Mondays or Tuesdays at Part Time Monster. Will’s reviewing them on Fridays or Saturdays here. Hannah is also blogging the season at Things Matter. If you’re a Doctor Who fan, you have a chance to get three different perspectives on the new season as it unfolds. You really don’t want to miss these posts if you love the show and read blogs.

That’s all. Have a great week. We’ll be back up to our usual tricks here before you know it.

Preview, and Dead Flowers


We have more of everything this week, and then some.

More True Blood from Diana, more Batman from Jeremy, more music from CompGeekDavid, Also, hopefully, an actual Tolkien post from me at Part Time Monster, and a social media post about StumbleUpon as well. The StumbleUpon strategy might be taking a leap forward soon.

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