Good Job, Mississippi! #SB2681


The Mississippi House of Representatives voted today to remove the discriminatory language from the religious freedom bill and set up a committee to study writing a new one. You can read the amendment here. Now the House version has to be reconciled with the Senate version, and that could go all sorts of ways, but I suspect the House version will be adopted.

I think this is a compromise to allow the people who were supporting the original bill to keep the issue in play, and now they have up to a year to build support for some form of religious freedom bill. People who oppose it have the same amount of time to organize. Thanks to everyone who read, liked and shared my posts on this issue, gave me feedback, and helped me on other social media. I’ve made my position on the need for state religious freedom legislation clear. Given where we started, the House bill is reasonable enough, and I’m happy to finally be writing a political post that says something positive about Mississippi.

The House amended this bill because people scrutinized it, and because Mississippians pressured them to change it or vote it down. ¬†That says to me we’re making progress. So good job, Mississippi!

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