Weekend Music: Short People


I’d planned to get back to some country music today, but given the week I’ve had, this seems more appropriate. It is one of my all-time favorite pieces of satire, and I am feeling satirical today.

Weekend Music: Primitive Radio Gods


From 1996. This is one of those songs that just stuck with me. It’s the combination of percussion, background vocal, and surreal lyrics that does it. I couldn’t find a suitable live performance or the original video, but I like this one.

If you want input into next year’s Feminist Friday discussions, this weekend is your first chance, and I have a post at the Monster for you.

I’m not looking for commitments to specific things like posting dates or topics at this point. Just trying to gauge the level of support so Diana and I know how many posts we need to come up with before we can kick these off again. I’ll have a follow-up in a couple of weeks, once I see where we are with it.

Happy Weekend!

Randy Newman, Collaboration Among Bloggers, International Relations Geekery, and other things.


Hannah Givens and Therefore I Geek have collaborated on an editorial about technology and the future of International Relations. They published it yesterday. “Does Geek Culture Hold the Answers to National Security?

Need I say more?

There’s already a fascinating discussion going on the thread between the three of us. You could join in and make us all even more happy than we already are. If what you need to make your social media life complete is to geek out on some IR with other smart people, today is your day!

That post is getting reblogged this weekend for those of you who don’t read during the week. Those of you who do read during the week are getting the early heads up. I am seeing just how many people I can interest in this discussion over the next few days, because I would really love to hook up with a few other bloggers who enjoy the IR chatter.

Other things:

  1. My last Doctor Who post for series 8 is finally up at Part Time Monster.
  2. I am inviting a discussion at the Monster this weekend about how to organize next year’s Feminist Friday project. Diana won’t be around very much this weekend, but I assuredly will be.
  3. It will be several hours before this happens, but I have set aside time tonight to re-establish contact with all of you who were talking to me by email before I went on vacation and came back sick. Check your email tomorrow morning.
  4. In an unfollowing cycle with the ol’ Twitter account at the moment, but hoping to start a push this weekend to get @Sourcererblog‘s following stable above 5K. If you know any bloggers who don’t tweet with me but might like to, the next few days are a good time to make intros.
  5. Probably a reblog tomorrow for comics day, but I am reading The Killing Joke right this minute, and I plan to post about it fairly soon.
  6. Keep blogging, and have a fabulous week!

Weekend Music: “It Felt Like the World Would Freeze . . . “


This seems appropriate for today. And I must say, you really have to cultivate a powerful hatred of country music to not appreciate Sugarland. Awesome, is what they are. Especially when they are covering late-80s Europop with Little Big Town and *gasp* Jake Owen.

Posting this a little early, just to see who might be about 😉

Some thoughts from me on the recently-ended Doctor Who season at the Monster before the day is out, if we’re lucky 🙂 Tomorrow if we are unlucky.

Happy Weekend, peeps! (I am well and truly back!)