Happy Independence Day

I posted the full text of The Declaration of Independence at Just Gene’O today. I’m not going to wax poetic here today. I’ll share a song instead.

“This Land is Your Land” has always been one of my favorite songs. It’s Guthrie’s response Berlin’s “God Bless America,” and it’s very much a critical responst. Here’s Pete Seeger and a couple of other musicians you might recognize performing it with Guthrie’s original lyrics at the Presidential Inaugural Concert in 2009. The last stanza was added during the Civil Rights Movement; I’m not sure if it’s Seeger’s work or someone else’s, but it sounds like him.

The Wiki has a pretty good page that explains the history of the song and discusses  how the lyrics have evolved over the years.


– This is why music is a real passion for me, rather than simply a pastime.

Pete Seeger, 1919-2014.

This was a great man. I don’t care how you feel about banjos, or the left, or unions, or songwriting. You can disagree with his politics or say his art is not to your taste. But you cannot deny that Pete Seeger was a great man. I’d be remiss if I allowed this day end without marking his passing.

Look at what Woody Guthrie painted on his guitar.


This Machine Kills Fascists

Now look at what Pete Seeger inscribed on his banjo.


This Machine Surrounds Hate and Forces it to Surrender

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