Weekend #Music Video

This song has been playing in my head, probably because I’ve been interacting a bit with Buffalo Tom Peabody over the last few days. I like the song because it tells a story with a peculiar combination of humor and nostalgia.

More about Buffalo Springfield at the Wiki.


Because if you are looking at this blog right now, we want you to find something cool.

This is not the best version of this song I have ever seen (I’ve run across quite ¬†few good Grateful Dead performances in my lifetime – they were very savvy with some early film and video), but it is the best live performance on YouTube video I am able to come up with.

This song gets an A+ both for lyrics and for beautifully simple chord progressions.

Love this song

I almost picked it as my favorite earlier. This version is from 1979.

If I ever had to teach dramatic monologue, I would use it as an example.