Modern One-Hit Wonders (and their Parodies)

I’ve been covering bands for the last few weeks. Kind of like in a concert, when the band gets going, and plays a bunch of songs in a row without stopping. But it’s time to slow back down a bit, get back into a groove of talking about music, as well as bands.

This week, I wanted to talk about one-hit wonders. Usually, figuring out what songs are one-hit wonders requires a good deal of time to pass, so that you can look back and say that, “yep, none of their other songs ever made it big.” However, I think that makes it fun to speculate about which recent songs will end up as one-hit wonders, as the artists fade into the night.

I think that today’s day-and-age has an interesting twist to the one-hit wonder as well: YouTube and the Internet. Now, the songs are potentially big not only just as a song, but as a music video people can watch, share, and interact with. It’s the fact of interaction that I think can point the way to the one-hit wonders: songs where there’s a ton of parodies and other interaction leading to the popularity (or notoriety!) and life of the one song, but not to the artist’s career overall.

I think that in the past, Weird Al Yankovic almost single-handedly had this same effect with some songs – and may still today, with his new album. Time will tell! But let’s look at a few songs that I think are going to go down in history as one-hit wonders, and some of the parodies that lead me to think that way!

Call Me Maybe

Remember this song? Annoyingly catchy and all over the place, and I remember being surprised that it wasn’t an artist I had really heard of before – it seemed like a Katy Perry song or something like that. However, part of why this song was big was because there were so many parodies of it. I tried to avoid this one as best I could, so I don’t have a parody that stood out in my mind or that I remember. Instead, here’s a link to a basic search for parodies of this song:

The top five parodies that came up have roughly 272.5 million views between them. That’s a lot of views. And there are a bunch more parodies! Oh, and the original song has 577.5 million views. Just looking at Carly Rae Jepsen’s VEVO, I see a few other songs with a decent number of views… but nothing to touch this one song. Will history remember her as a one hit wonder? My sources say maybe.

Somebody That I Used to Know

Here’s another song that blew up, was hugely popular, and had a video which people loved to parody: “Somebody that I used to know” by Gotye. This one has 533.7 million views just for this one version.

And it’s a really artistically interesting video, and it’s a vocal duo which is always popular and different, and it’s just this interesting and unique sound… songs that meet those sorts of qualifications often don’t live up to expectations with the rest of an artist’s work. It seems to be the same with Gotye.

There’s one parody of this song I definitely remember, which was really well done both for content, topic, and for copying the art style of the original video. This one is great, if you’re any kind of Star Wars fan!

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Because who doesn’t like Dragon Ball Z?

by Jeremy DeFatta

Good day, everyone! I have a little treat for all of you today. Those of you who are fans of Dragonball Z, anime in general, and/or Internet comedy likely already know about Team Four Star, but I want to say a bit about them here.

Over the past five years, Team Four Star has produced a high quality, abridged version of Dragonball Z with a funny and talented cast of voice actors. To fans of the source material: do not worry; these guys are not making fun. They actually do it full justice and add a lot of humor that was absent from the original. That, and many of the voice actors sound very similar to the original American dubbed voice cast.

I recommend visiting TFS’s YouTube channel to watch the DBZA series, as well as funny videos of the team playing video games while in character. For more of their work, check out their homepage. They are also in the process of giving Hellsing Ultimate and Attack on Titan the same comedic, abridged treatment. I would caution against watching those unless you are already familiar with them, though. While hilarious, they do spoil a lot of plot points in the original stories.

You can also follow Team Four Star on Facebook and Twitter. Give them a look and tell them we sent you.

I hope all of you enjoy these videos. They are certainly worth watching, even though the first few DBZ episodes might are bit rough. They’ll give you new insight on familiar characters; I’m proud to say Krillin is now my favorite character (at least in the abridged version).

Let me know your thoughts below. Tweet me @quaintjeremy.

(ed.- Vegeta will always be my favorite character. I liked this so much I subscribed to the YouTube channel. It’s hilarious even if you don’t know the series, and if you do, it is positively side-splitting.)

#Congrats, #Bloggers

The theme for this roundup is “Congratulations.”  A couple of blogs I follow have reached milestones I want to recognize, and another has a new video out that I love. Here we go.

Comparative Geeks marked their one-year blogging anniversary on Monday, and CompGeekDavid commemorates the occasion with an interesting post. He discusses how they developed their unique approach to blogging and highlights the work of a few contributors. CompGeeks is the first blog I started following closely back in October. They do interesting, thoughtful work.

I discovered Half Eaten Mind recently, and as I was poking around in their archives, I discovered they hit 50,000 page views on January 18. Vijay lists the top 20 countries they’ve received views from and their top search terms. It’s interesting stuff. HEM also has a “Directories and Awards” page that could be useful if you’re thinking about listing your blog.

Finally, Professor V.J. Duke (no relation to Raoul, I am told) has released another awesome collaboration with Mic Pencilpoint Studios, and I think it is funny enough to deserve congratulations. I give you, Punchy Parody: Lord of the Flies.

Normally, I would reblog the professor instead of embedding the video, but this one had to go in the roundup. If you enjoyed it, you can follow The Punchy Lands and find MicP Studios on YouTube. The peculiar combination of  cleverness and absurdity that is Punchy delights me.

We will have today’s Batman post with weekly comics picks later today, and a game review from Garrett tomorrow.