Zero to Hero: An Editorial


I have gotten a lot of good out of this challenge. Just look at this blog. I am happy with the results. However, this is an editorial, and that means I get to say  stuff.

Here are the last three challenges I have received from Zero to Hero (I have not had time to read today’s assignment):

Thursday – Learn more about visuals. That means mess around with the customizer instead of writing a post for Friday.

Wednesday – Do what you want, but we recommend messing around with your reader, instead of writing a post for Thursday.

Tuesday – “Weave the fabric of the blogosphere,” which is a fancy way of saying to mess around with your blogroll instead of writing a post for Wednesday.

@Wordpress: I agree that good design and proper networking are essential. But you need to be teaching that stuff on the weekends. Bloggers should be encouraged to post Monday through Thursday.

Even though I love the challenges and  have benefited from all of them, you could have ordered them differently. You could have put all that networking and design stuff on weekends very easily.

Some of us are beginning to feel a little fatigue from being told to masturbate with our interfaces and make friends. I suspect this is why performance of the zero to hero tags has declined over the last few days. Not that many people are reading them any more. Everyone who is still trying to keep up  is messing around with the “Customizer” instead.