For Auld Lang Syne


This just seems the way to celebrate it on a geeky, megalomaniacal blog.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!


Comics_New_YearWe’ll be back before you know it 😀

Image from Sexy Geek’s House of Swag

To Whomever Has Been Stumbling Our Posts Lately . . .


Thanks very much!

We play around with StumbleUpon a bit, but not consistently. My account is worthless for generating traffic and I have no time to get it active, but Jeremy has had some success with his, so any time I see StumbleUpon referrals in my stats, Jeremy is the prime suspect. I talked to him last night, and he assures me he is not responsible.thanksI will happily follow you over there if you would like to let me know who you are. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please accept my deepest gratitude, and thank you again for sharing our work!

I have the WordPress annual reports in hand, and I will make them public later today. I’m also working on a year-end stats post of my own. That stats post will be the last thing I do here until after the New Year, aside from perhaps a little “Auld Lange Syne.”

Happy New Year

from the Red Hot Chili Pipers