Thanks for the Awards! (with weekend preview)

Thanks to friends Natacha, Ali, and CompGeeks for nominating me for Very Inspiring Blogger, Wonderful Team Member Readership, and Versatile Blogger  awards. I truly appreciate the compliments, and I’m very pleased that two of those nominations are for The Writing Catalog. I’m way behind on award nominations, and maxed out with A to Z and local politics right now, but  I’m planning to do a week-long, written-in advance awards fest in late May, and use the free time during the week it runs to give my blogs an overhaul.I’m going to try another round of Feminist Friday discussion this weekend, beginning tomorrow morning. I’ll tweet a few invites once I get the post together. Not sure exactly how the post will go yet, but the fact that I spent several hours last night poring over rape statistics should give you a clue.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed Mississippi SB2681 today. Deep South Progressive has the story. I’ll have more to say about it over the weekend.

Life’s been good!

I got an unexpected break today: two and a half hours of unexpected free time at home. So, of course, I’ve been blogging like a fiend the whole time.

I have content finalized through Friday. So you can expect Batman here tomorrow, a very cool Game of Thrones post from Jeremy on Thursday, and A-to-Z blogging – with art and links – all week at The Writing Catalog. I have an A to Z page over there, and I’ll be using it to catalog the blogs I visit.

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