Wordless Wednesday



A.M. #Blog Roundup: Parenting

I spent the weekend writing things that aren’t finished yet, and I have a busy work day ahead, so the daily post will be later than usual today. Let’s start the week off with a roundup.

I was browsing my Twitter feed this weekend and noticed Suzie81 was having a good day with a post she’s thinking about submitting to the Blog Her awards: Why Being a Stay-at Home Parent is the Toughest Job in the World — Written by Someone Without Children.  I read the post and thought it was worth sharing, so Diana and I did what we could to help it along. Apparently, so did a lot of other people – Suzie has a note up today saying it’s been viewed more than 1,000 times since last night. I think that answers the question of whether or not she should submit the post to Blog Her.

Gretchen also had a post about parenting this weekend: Growing Pains (Parenting a Teenage Boy) that I recommend as a must-read.

Alva’s Almanac has moved to wordpress.com. Alva’s a good friend and an occasional contributor here, and we’ve been stymied for a couple of months by the fact that we haven’t been seeing “Follow” and “Reblog” buttons in our dashboard when we viewed her site. We’re able to see them now, and we’re  hoping the easy follow option will help Alva find more readers for her work. I’ll change the address on the blogroll as soon as I have a moment.

Sunday Silly Blogging: Benny Hinn, Dark Lord of the Sith

The problem with blogging YouTube classics is, you never know how many of your friends have seen them. This one is pure gold, though, and everyone I have ever shown it to laughed, so I want it in my archive here.

Diana has a more serious piece on the wisdom of Carl Sagan at Part Time Monster.

This is personal.

Those of you who really know me know I have been through a couple of years of hard times. The sort of hard times that require you to make sacrifices. Like leaving a beautiful Martin guitar unstrung in a closet, even though guitars don’t really like being without strings.

Well, things are looking up for me now. The salary will kick in eventually, and when it does, the first thing I am doing is taking that guitar to the shop and getting it fixed up. It will probably take them a week to get it right.

When I finally bring it home, change my clothes, and find a comfortable place to sit down with it, this is the first thing I am playing:

Only without the fourishes. Just a basic D/G/A, and my voice.

This video is precious despite the fact that the voice is out-of-synch and it’s a cover of a Rolling Stones song.

Live footage of TVZ is hard to come by these days, and the older I get, the more I miss him.