Leonard Cohen: Sisters of Mercy


We haven’t had any Leonard Cohen around here for awhile. So let’s just have some. The lyrics superimposed over the video would be annoying if they weren’t Italian. Italian is just that interesting, y’all!

Also. Extended-range classical guitars are cool. There’s one in the middle of this video.

We’re probably not as bad off as I made things out to be yesterday, but we will miss some days, and soon. Just not today.

You want to read Just Gene’O right now, unless you already read it first thing this morning. I’ve got a post over there that’s less than 300 words, so it won’t take much time. And you get another video out of the deal.

Also, world domination humor. You get that, too!

Catch-up Week Has Arrived!

It’s been a rough six weeks, but I’m almost back on track. It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. on Thursday, and I have a couple of hard days to get through at the day job before I take the holiday on Wednesday. You won’t see a lot of blogging from me here this week, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working on blogstuff. Our weekend features will run as normal. Here’s where we are, and what I am up to this week for those of you who are interested.

1. My email inbox is full of  unanswered messages from bloggers. I’m planning to get those caught up on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. If you are waiting on a response from  me about anything at all, please be patient with me. I haven’t forgotten about you, and I suck at email.

I've mastered the "social" part. Still learning the "media" part. Hear me out and give it a chance!

Just a photo of me to break up all this text.

2. Aside from a couple of quick posts and a few retweets, you won’t see me on the social media on Wednesday or Thursday. I’ve set aside Wednesday to deal with my out-of-control photo stock. I have enough original photos to post an image per day on two blogs for a year at this point. But most of them aren’t sized for sharing and they aren’t organized. I need to go ahead and get this done so I can start blogging photos again without it taking an inordinate amount of my blogging time every week. And Thursday is a family day, all day.

3. I’ve settled on a redesign plan for Sourcerer. More on that over the weekend. I’ll mock up the design on a blog I’m using for development and will invite comments before I make it live.

4. Next week I plan to begin the process of figuring out whether or not we should try and do the April A to Z Challenge with Sourcerer. If you are a contributor here, or if I have invited you to guest post here in April, you’ll be hearing from me next week or the week after. December is almost here, and registration opens in January, so we need to make this decision before Christmas. The schedule as it stands right now is here. If I’ve told you you have a day reserved, it is reserved. If your name isn’t listed, it’s because we’ve not talked about this since I invited you, and I don’t want to put people on the spot.

5. Unless I hear differently, I am guest-hosting the #SundayBlogShare link party on Twitter this coming Sunday so Suzie can take the day off. If you enjoy #SundayBlogShare and would like to help me out with that by popping in and retweeting from that hashtag, you’re welcome. This isn’t the announcement, just a heads up for those of you who routinely help me out.

Orange Rose with Bumblebee by Gene'O

photo by Gene’O, 2014.

6. As I mentioned several weeks ago, I’ve realigned my Facebook presence and set it up to interact specifically with bloggers. That’s paying dividends already. If you’ve joined me as a Facebook friend recently, welcome, and I am happy to chat with you over there any time. I’ve got to spend a little more time on Facebook than usual over the next couple of weeks getting some things set up. This is all under-the-radar stuff that takes time away from the blogging, but it is absolutely necessary because it will allow me to get to know a LOT more bloggers and figure out ways of supporting them.

7. We have the support we need to proceed with planning for another round of Feminist Friday discussions in 2015. If you missed it over the weekend, you can find the planning post here. Thanks to everyone who’s helping to keep this project going. If you’ve expressed interest and haven’t received a response, you will hear from me on Wednesday.

Happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the U.S. If not, happy blogging!

Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair

We’re trying to bring this blog in for a landing and refuel it. Posting three and four times per day for months on end sets certain expectations. It’s not the sort of thing you want to just stop doing precipitously. I don’t want anyone to get the idea we’re retreating, because we’re not. If we were, I’d just tell you. The Sourcerer crew are people just like everyone else in the blogosphere. Content takes time to produce if you want it to be good. And it takes time to load. Our blogging is subject to work schedules, family obligations, and all the other exigencies of life. I’m sure you’re familiar 🙂

It’s clear that our peak blogging season is January-July, and the best use of our energy from August-December is to persuade all you cool people to stick with us, improve the quality of our blogs, and strenghen our social media relationships. Here’s an update on the features I am sure about at this point, because I think the best way to convince you to stick with us is to let you know what we’re up to. Things will become more clear over the next couple of weeks, but I’m posting this today because keeping you informed is one of my jobs.

Doctor Whocapalidi feature

Will’s been writing about Doctor Who here off and on for months. I’ve got two posts from him to run this week, and he’s blogging the new season. Will and I have behind-the-scenes conversations about Doctor Who quite often, so this is not something you want to miss. We’re still working out the schedule. More to come.

Feminist Fridays

Returning soon. We’re working on setting up the next round of these. This is not something we’re willing to take a break from for very long, but Sourcerer is out of the social commentary business (aside from tweeting links) so the updates and coordinating posts will be published either at Part Time Monster or at Just Gene’O in the future. I am not sure which yet, as I haven’t actually discussed that part of it with Diana.

Wednesday Comics

batsignal2Will be back soon, but Jeremy’s taking a break from Batman after a mightily impressive run. We’ll either have a Batman finale or an announcement about Wednesdays in the next week or so. I’m working on filling that slot, and I’m capable of doing it myself if necessary. David and I are discussing this one, but not to worry. The comics aren’t going away.

Listening to Music without Understanding It

Also taking a break, as David indicated in his post last week, but at the moment there are no plans to end it permanently. If you’ve enjoyed that series as much as I have, you should stand up and yell “ENCORE!!”

Blogging and Social Media

I’ll do these on Sundays or Mondays when I have something to share. This feature is dependent upon me learning new tricks and finding interesting connections between networks or in the numbers, so popularity really doesn’t come into it. Unless I have something useful for you, I have no social media post. I may move the social media blogging to Just Gene’O. I’m not sure yet. It’s very much alive, but probably not a weekly thing for the next little while.

Weekend Music

This is a fixture. It’s the first consistent thing I did on this blog. There’s no way I’m stopping it. It’s fun and easy and I know how many of you love it.


Will also continue here. I’m wondering whether the “Wordless” posts are the best use of my photos. I have a ton of photos, but  not an infinite supply, and it does goldflowerstake time to crop and tag them. I’m just thinking about this at the moment, but whatever I decide, the photoblogging will continue. Even though they don’t typically generate comments you are telling me with your likes and by actually visiting the photo posts that these are the most popular thing I, personally, am doing.

Open Threads

Will continue only when I don’t have anything else to run on Friday. On weeks when I can squeeze in a Follow Friday post or find a nice reblog, I’ll do that instead. I like to have open threads because you never know who might wander by and start up a conversation. I also like to give space to bloggers to come and ask questions about WordPress or give me feedback. But I can’t have very many open threads with zero comments. It makes me look like I’m not good at engagement, and *cough* we all know that isn’t true. I may still do conversation threads on Fridays, but most of them will not be completely open.


Of course there are features here that are not mentioned at all. That’s because I’m not sure where they are at the moment. As soon as I know, you’ll know. Thanks for the reads, comments, likes, stop-bys and conversations on other social media. This blog would not be what it is without your support.

I must say, that's a damn lot of features on that list. :-)

I must say, that’s a damn long list of features 🙂


We all know I generate way more ideas than I can actualize. But I am really a very down-to-earth guy. I’m a realist at heart, even though I don’t show it in public very often. If I can only do three things between now and January, those three things will be:

  1. Coordinate and promote another round of Feminist Friday discussions,
  2. Blog the new season of Doctor Who Part Time Monster, and
  3. Publish one good post a week at Just Gene’O.

If the price of me doing those three things is posting a “closed for the season” sign here and coming back in January, I’ll do it. But I think that will not happen. I trust the contributors. I expect we’ll be able to keep all the balls in the air. Because that’s what we do here. We juggle.

All the bloggers I interact with are understanding people, and none of them actually expect a post a day from the blogs they follow, so I believe that will be enough. I’m thinking about redesigning this blog later in the year, and I am also looking for a blogging challenge to join in January. I’m planning to blog at the same pace next year as I have this year, only slow it down a couple of weeks earlier. This blog follows the same sort of rhythm as tv series and professional sports 😉

Open Thread: Chaotic Regrouping Edition

I don’t know whether I’m coming or going this week, so I’ll give you a couple of bullet points and encourage you to chatter away on the thread.

  • I’m hosting a linkup at my newly-renovated blog Just Gene’O over the weekend. All you need to do to join the fun is toselfportrait1 write an “If We Were Having Coffee” post and drop me the link. You get bonus points for visiting people who share their links and for talking to bloggers other than me on the thread, though. You can find the details at Part Time Monster.
  • I’ll have an update on our various features early next week, and I promise you, the Wednesday comics posts aren’t going anywhere over the long term. We’re just reorganizing a bit right now.

So, how was your week?