Weekend (trippy) Music

Well, I think it’s trippy. I don’t know another word to describe it.

Had a bit of a personal situation today. It’s all under control – no drama – but I haven’t even looked at the social media in more than 12 hours. At one point this evening, I called Diana on the phone and had her give me a rundown of the blog discussion, hehe.

I’ll catch up tomorrow.

Life’s been good!

I got an unexpected break today: two and a half hours of unexpected free time at home. So, of course, I’ve been blogging like a fiend the whole time.

I have content finalized through Friday. So you can expect Batman here tomorrow, a very cool Game of Thrones post from Jeremy on Thursday, and A-to-Z blogging – with art and links – all week at The Writing Catalog. I have an A to Z page over there, and I’ll be using it to catalog the blogs I visit.

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