Is “#Feminism” a politically useful label any more? #FeministFriday Discussion

If not, can we revive it? Or do we need to get creative?

(I’m not arguing that feminism is dead; it’s alive, if a little unwell. I’m asking: If  we all decided to get together and make a real push for women’s rights, would it be smart politics to brand that enterprise “feminist?” And what would our alternatives be? )

First, I’ll tell you a story, then I’ll explain why I’m asking this question.

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Feminist Friday Preview

Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by this week. It’s certainly been a wild one. I hope you’ve been entertained, and that you know me a little better today than you did when the week started.

I have a post scheduled for 9 a.m. central tomorrow. I’ll tell you the story of how I met one of my favorite bloggers, and leave you with a question or two which I hope will prompt a discussion of feminism and activism. The post is illustrated with images from Part Time Monster’s Feminist board on Pinterest.

If you’ve never commented here, and you want to be a part, you have until about 9:30 in the morning to post your first comment so that I can put it through and you’ll be able to comment without the first one being held while I’m at work.

This song doesn’t have anything to do with feminism. I just like it. It’s from one of my favorite concerts, and I read it as an anthem of hope. If the discussion goes as well, I might not have the weekend music post until Saturday, so enjoy!

I have a note about a new Follow Friday strategy I’m trying on Twitter tomorrow at The Writing Catalog, and it also includes a music video.

Lack of Women in Technology

I’ve been thinking this post over for a week now, and I don’t have any helpful answers, but I do think these are questions that need to be discussed and researched. If I were looking into it, I’d want to start by looking at information about gender differences in math and science education at the middle and high school levels, because I think some of this starts there. I don’t buy the “women don’t want it” argument, because I know too many women who love technology, but I do agree that society defines certain occupational areas as more appropriate for one gender or the other.

Comparative Geeks

Comic from xkcd Girls Suck at Math Girls Suck at Math comic from xkcd at

I recently had an interesting conversation discussing women in the tech fields. This led from the person I was talking to having previously had a conversation where people were lamenting the (limited) number of women in the tech field and trying to figure out what to do. Out of that conversation came an intriguing comment: Is the reason we do not have more women in tech fields because there is a lack of interest in the type of work it would entail? There are layers of assumptions found in this comment. The biggest one is that there is a natural difference in what men and women want to pursue in life. The other more subtle one is that there are a different set of skills that men and women have. Part of what I want to discuss today is why jumping…

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Feminist Friday | Queer Values and Change

I didn’t find this in time to reblog it last Friday, so I decided to save it for today. I never really thought much about “queer heterosexuality” until I read this, but I will say that the creativity, flexibility, and negotiation of roles she’s referring to here are the things that make intimate relationships worthwhile. I agree with the argument, and I’m glad to have this insight into a perspective other than my own. It’s a very thoughtful and well-argued post.

I’m also pleased to see my friend Alva making some progress with her blog, which I can’t recommend highly enough.