Zero to Hero Roundup: Ana, Anna Lynn, Ali


Finding new bloggers to have conversations with has been the greatest benefit of the Zero to Hero challenge to me. I haven’t displayed the badge on my sidebar because I haven’t been able to keep up with the assignments. I have tried to keep visiting Zero to Hero blogs and leave them likes and comments. I’ve also followed quite a few, and I have posted some things to the Zero to Hero tags just because I thought bloggers who are interested in learning new tricks might like to read them.

Today, my contribution is a roundup of a few Zero to Hero blogs with a comments about why I chose them for this feature.

Ana at Babbelogue revisits her most popular post and shares her experience of being Freshly Pressed. You want to read this post. It will show you something about how a sudden traffic spike can affect you. Having gone through this with my lucky sister recently, I can tell you, it’s true.

Alienorajt makes a confession.

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Glad it was this one.

I hadn’t intended to post this afternoon because I wanted the two pieces I published this morning to have the front pages all day. I had no idea when I made that decision that Part Time Monster would be freshly pressed today, so I will make this short. Congratulations, Diana. On Teaching Our Children: White Privilege, Ageism, and Maintaining an Open Dialogue is worthy of the recognition.

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