Weekend Music: The Battle of New Orleans


This one’s just for fun. The video quality is not the best, but it serves.

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m working on a guest post for my friend Hannah’s blog, Things Matter. The video¬†is a large hint as to what that post is about, and keep in mind, Things Matter is, among other things, a history blog. So probably not about folk songs¬†played by country bands.

Happy Weekend! Natacha‘s in the house with a #StarWars Saturday for you tomorrow.

Weekend Music: Good Mornin’ America!

Seems appropriate for a July 4 weekend.

Happy Friday!

Weekend Music: Jesse James


This song has to be one of the most effective pieces of non-government propaganda ever produced. It’s also a nice folk song, and this arrangement is particularly good. The brass, the Italian subtitles, and the movie clips definitely add something to the video.

And if I may say. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford isn’t a great movie (it’s way too long for one thing), but Casey Affleck’s performance is awesome.

Weekend Music: Shenandoah

This song haunts me. Sometimes I hear it in my dreams. Roger McGuinn is the real master, but Arlo Guthrie does it better than most. Sadly, I cannot find an adequate live performance to share on the blog, but the art is interesting and the lyrics are mostly intact in this version.

Given the fact that nearly everyone who writes for this blog or otherwise supports it is interested in power relationships, gender issues, and imperialism but we don’t talk about that stuff here any more because 24/7 pop culture geekery just sells better and we are after readers, it seems like the right thing to post today.