Catch-up Week Has Arrived!

It’s been a rough six weeks, but I’m almost back on track. It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. on Thursday, and I have a couple of hard days to get through at the day job before I take the holiday on Wednesday. You won’t see a lot of blogging from me here this week, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working on blogstuff. Our weekend features will run as normal. Here’s where we are, and what I am up to this week for those of you who are interested.

1. My email inbox is full of  unanswered messages from bloggers. I’m planning to get those caught up on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. If you are waiting on a response from  me about anything at all, please be patient with me. I haven’t forgotten about you, and I suck at email.

I've mastered the "social" part. Still learning the "media" part. Hear me out and give it a chance!

Just a photo of me to break up all this text.

2. Aside from a couple of quick posts and a few retweets, you won’t see me on the social media on Wednesday or Thursday. I’ve set aside Wednesday to deal with my out-of-control photo stock. I have enough original photos to post an image per day on two blogs for a year at this point. But most of them aren’t sized for sharing and they aren’t organized. I need to go ahead and get this done so I can start blogging photos again without it taking an inordinate amount of my blogging time every week. And Thursday is a family day, all day.

3. I’ve settled on a redesign plan for Sourcerer. More on that over the weekend. I’ll mock up the design on a blog I’m using for development and will invite comments before I make it live.

4. Next week I plan to begin the process of figuring out whether or not we should try and do the April A to Z Challenge with Sourcerer. If you are a contributor here, or if I have invited you to guest post here in April, you’ll be hearing from me next week or the week after. December is almost here, and registration opens in January, so we need to make this decision before Christmas. The schedule as it stands right now is here. If I’ve told you you have a day reserved, it is reserved. If your name isn’t listed, it’s because we’ve not talked about this since I invited you, and I don’t want to put people on the spot.

5. Unless I hear differently, I am guest-hosting the #SundayBlogShare link party on Twitter this coming Sunday so Suzie can take the day off. If you enjoy #SundayBlogShare and would like to help me out with that by popping in and retweeting from that hashtag, you’re welcome. This isn’t the announcement, just a heads up for those of you who routinely help me out.

Orange Rose with Bumblebee by Gene'O

photo by Gene’O, 2014.

6. As I mentioned several weeks ago, I’ve realigned my Facebook presence and set it up to interact specifically with bloggers. That’s paying dividends already. If you’ve joined me as a Facebook friend recently, welcome, and I am happy to chat with you over there any time. I’ve got to spend a little more time on Facebook than usual over the next couple of weeks getting some things set up. This is all under-the-radar stuff that takes time away from the blogging, but it is absolutely necessary because it will allow me to get to know a LOT more bloggers and figure out ways of supporting them.

7. We have the support we need to proceed with planning for another round of Feminist Friday discussions in 2015. If you missed it over the weekend, you can find the planning post here. Thanks to everyone who’s helping to keep this project going. If you’ve expressed interest and haven’t received a response, you will hear from me on Wednesday.

Happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the U.S. If not, happy blogging!

Weekend Music: Primitive Radio Gods


From 1996. This is one of those songs that just stuck with me. It’s the combination of percussion, background vocal, and surreal lyrics that does it. I couldn’t find a suitable live performance or the original video, but I like this one.

If you want input into next year’s Feminist Friday discussions, this weekend is your first chance, and I have a post at the Monster for you.

I’m not looking for commitments to specific things like posting dates or topics at this point. Just trying to gauge the level of support so Diana and I know how many posts we need to come up with before we can kick these off again. I’ll have a follow-up in a couple of weeks, once I see where we are with it.

Happy Weekend!

Weekend Music: “It Felt Like the World Would Freeze . . . “


This seems appropriate for today. And I must say, you really have to cultivate a powerful hatred of country music to not appreciate Sugarland. Awesome, is what they are. Especially when they are covering late-80s Europop with Little Big Town and *gasp* Jake Owen.

Posting this a little early, just to see who might be about 😉

Some thoughts from me on the recently-ended Doctor Who season at the Monster before the day is out, if we’re lucky 🙂 Tomorrow if we are unlucky.

Happy Weekend, peeps! (I am well and truly back!)

Comics Fans, if you didn’t see this the first time around, you want to read it now!

David is on vacation for the next three or so weeks. Here’s an awesome post he published last week, “Can we Be too Old for a Genre?” in which he takes on two comics creators who say that adults who continue to read comics need to grow up. Or at least they are saying something, and that’s how both David and I interpret them. You should read this post, especially if you are a mature adult who loves comics.

Genius comics creator Alan Moore. The first guy I think of when I'm looking for someone to tell me whether or not I am a real "grown-up" based on my taste in entertainment.

Genius comics creator Alan Moore. The first guy I think of when I’m looking for someone to tell me whether or not I am a real “grown-up” based on my taste in entertainment.

David touches on a lot of issues that Diana and I talk about incessantly in private, though we generally discuss them through the lens of education, fantasy/young adult literature, class, or gender. Perhaps when I am truly feeling better, I’ll write a response. It’s definitely one for the archives, and there is plenty more to say about it. As I read David’s post, it’s really a post about how we judge art and how we judge people.

When we started planning for David’s absence six weeks ago, I assumed we’d get through November with a combination of reblogs from Comparative Geeks and comics posts written by me (I have a word or two to say about The Killing Joke and a big pile of 90s’ comics to review at some point). I didn’t count on coming home from my own vacation with the flu, then having that flu turn into pneumonia and fog my brain to the point that I was unable to blog or tweet for two solid weeks. But here we are. I’ll be getting the flu vaccine next year, I promise you that.

I’m behind with my long-term planning. I’d intended to have a discussion to plan next year’s Feminist Fridays this week, but I don’t think that’s realistic at this point. I’ve got conversations with contributors to pick back up. And I really must say something about that Doctor Who finale before we get too far removed from it. I’m really not one to blog ten weeks of a tv show and then drop the ball on the finale. Just been sleeping 18 hours a day and in general finding it hard to care about anything but breathing for the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, I think I am actually starting to get better now. I picked up a course of medications yesterday that seem to be helping. But blogging is a bit of a sport, and I’ve lost some stamina. I’m going to try and do some blogging every day for the next little while and get the long-term planning back on track. Then start with some redesign, new page rollouts, and work up to finishing the social media blogging that I mostly drafted before I went on vacation.


Oh. And Twitter. I’m definitely back over there, and still got plenty of time to make my goal of 5K @Sourcererblog followers by New Years’ Day.