The week is going mostly as planned. I don’t quite have everything scheduled through Friday yet. I had to spend the day working on some computers, so didn’t get in a lot of blogging time, but I’m not complaining. Life is good, and one of the things that makes it so is the awesome friends and contributors who keep this blog going.

I’ve wanted to write that post about If You’re Buying, We’re Selling for a few weeks now. I’m glad I finally got it done and posted at a good time. Thanks to everyone for reading, liking, and commenting on that one.

We’ll have two comics posts tomorrow as promised, more bloggy goodness on Thursday, wrap the week up with a Feminist Friday discussion post and, barring unforseen circumstances, we’ll have a Follow Friday post to end the week.

Once all that’s done, I’m picking up the Tolkien and planning my return to The Monster as a regular contributor.

Have a nice evening, or morning, as the case may be 🙂