Weekend Music: Look What I Found!


Camille and Kennerly have a massive¬†archive of these duets on their channel. I subscribed the minute I viewed the first one. They cover all genres, and always dress for whatever they’re playing. What do you think? Do I add a category to the Playlist and follow all their social media? If you like this, let me know. Given that I don’t feature any single artist more than about once every six weeks, The Harp Twins’ archives are inexhaustible.

Other Stuff:

  1. I will be less active than usual on the Twiitters and the linkups this weekend. I have to turn down the noise and get a lot of editorial work done over the next couple of days. Think of it as the calm before the epic storm of contributor blogging that’s about to hit the Internet.
  2. I’m withdrawing Just Gene’O from the A to Z Challenge, but Sourcerer is definitely in and the theme reveal is just about done. Reasons will be explained in the #WeekendCoffeeShare post tomorrow and I will contact A to Z directly and request removal in the next week or so.
  3. The Feminist Friday discussion is happening at Gretchen’s right now.
  4. One more — the setting of the video reminded me of this. My photo stash is running down pretty low, but the weather is about to turn and I’m going to be capturing images 30 and 40 at a time soon. Since the flowers close-ups are working so well, what about this: gravestones. I could produce many, many images from cemeteries and mix them in.