A Thank You, Feminist Friday Plan, and two more things you want to read. With music.

Happy International Workers’ Day, and long may we endure. All of us.

Old School Harlequin nominated me for a Dragon’s Loyalty Award more than a week ago, and I have yet to say thanks. I’ve been busy. So, I’m saying thanks now, and congrats, OSHarley, on getting Liebstered again. Best of luck with your Facebook page, which will soon be added to the feed I use to track blogs with fan pages. I will never not say thank you for an award.

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Thanks, Thoughts on Blogging Awards, and 7 Things About Me


Thanks to Diana for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. She was nominated by E. of The Playground – a blog I heartily recommend. This is one of the first awards I noticed being passed around when I started my blogs, and it’s one I really wanted. I don’t rush to do nominations, but I do say thanks with a link within a day or two of receiving them.

I’ve said some of this stuff on comments threads and on Sourcerer’s awards page, but here is how I feel about awards. I love them. I enjoy receiving them and I enjoy passing them on. I think they are a good way to complement other bloggers on their work. I don’t attach any real status to them, but I do enjoy looking at a blog’s side bar and awards page when I first discover it to see which awards they’ve won.

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Dragon’s Loyalty Award – Thanks!

Thanks to Vijay at Half Eaten Mind for nominating Sourcerer for our second Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I love awards. I think they’re fun, and they’re a good way to pay compliments to other bloggers.  I always say thanks for awards and add the nominations to our awards page, but I do the nomination posts on my own schedule. Nominating 10 or 15 bloggers and doing the questions takes a bit of time and thought, and I like to feel as though I’ve done them justice. Don Charisma picked up this nifty badge from The Bonding Tool, so I thought I’d share it:


Rather than rush to publish a post that isn’t quite ready, I think I’ll do a preview and give you a couple of useful links to help you with your blogging/social media adventures.

Preview: I’ll have a Tolkien post at Part Time Monster later in the week. My series over there is definitely off hiatus. Once I have that post ready to go, I also hope to have some thoughts on how the Zero-to-Hero challenge helped all our blogs, and perhaps a post about my recent Twitter antics. I’m also planning to run a debut post from a new contributor this week, so do tune in.

Now for something helpful. As some of you know, Diana and I are working together to build a social media knowledge base. We store a lot of information on our Facebook fan pages for use later. Here’s an article I picked up over the weekend that explains Twitter limits. It was published in March, so I am not sure what’s changed since then, but I find it useful.  If you’re wondering why the layout of your reblogs changed overnight, here’s an announcement from WordPress. Personally, I like the change.

badge: The Bonding Tool

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Therefore I Geek:  When I nominated you for this award back in December, I was the sole contributor to Sourcerer. I was mostly blogging videos here and doing my writing at Part Time Monster to try and keep both blogs posting every day.

I nominated you because I wanted to include some geeks. I had no idea how people felt about these awards, this being my first, and you seemed nice. I wanted to give it to some good blogs that weren’t getting enough attention in the hope that a friend or two would give them a look. I am reblogging it because I approve of your nominations. You chose well, and apparently, so did I 🙂

Therefore I Geek


We were very excited to be nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by Gene at The Sourcerer, and since it’s the first time we’ve had any acceptance into the blogging community, it has taken me a little while to calm down and compose my thoughts.  This time around I’ll post some facts about myself and maybe next time I’ll let Tracy have all the fun share my misery. 😉

  1. I spent four and half years at a military college and then have worked for the Navy for the last six.
  2. I have a bad habit of collecting stuff.  I use to collect card games and have sixteen 800 count, full card boxes still sitting in a dresser drawer. Now I collect comics, and they don’t fit in a dresser drawer.
  3. My sister and I look so little alike that when she lived with me for six months people thought…

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