Feminist Friday: The Soap Aisle

Just in case you missed it yesterday, here’s the Feminist Friday post. I intended to get back over there after work yesterday, but got held up. I just scanned the thread, and it looks like a good one 🙂 Check it out if you haven’t already!

The Lobster Dance

Readers, I am excited to be hosting the Feminist Friday discussion for Part-Time Monster and Sourcerer this week. Get your Axe ready, because we’re going to talk about the gendered marketing of bath products!

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Open Thread 4

As always, feel free to ask me questions, comment on our blogging here, or share things about your week. Anything is fair game, as long as it’s not mean.

I picked up a real phone today. A smart one. I’ve been using a prepaid analog phone for the last 5 years because I was underemployed for most of 2011-13 and rarely use a voice phone unless I am in the office. I have a good job now. I put this off as long as I could, trying to get caught up (it takes a while to recover from a long period of underemployment), but I decided it was time to have unlimited text and be able to browse the Internet whenever I feel like it.

What’ s going on with you today?

We’re open to ideas for the Feminist Friday discussion

Most of you know by now we host a Feminist Friday discussion almost every week someplace in the blogosphere. Diana and I are planning for this week. Before we decide to host it at Part Time Monster, I just want to poll the regular participants and supporters. I know several of you have ideas for posts and some of you are open to hosting. Would you like to write the post or host this week?

If so, I need to know by 7 p.m. EDT (U.S., New York time) tomorrow, so we can either make plans to announce the venue and get the word out or brainstorm a Friday post at the Monster.

Feminist Friday Options

First, a quick clip. These are WWI-era suffragettes in prison for the crime of demonstrating in front of the White House during a time when the government was paranoid about labor unrest and Europe was engulfed in war. From the 2004 movie Iron Jawed Angels. It won three Golden Globes and received 12 nominations.

We managed to extend our weekly Feminist Friday discussions into their 11th week at Part Time Monster last week. It was a great, and memorable thread. It went so well, I answered a few new comments earlier today. You can find our previous discussions on this page.

We’ll have to take another off-week again at some point, but not this week. I feel like we’re on a roll. Options for this Friday:

  1. I can write the  post this week. If I do, I’m either talking about early childhood education again, or I’m re-visiting the issue of the feminism label itself. That’s where we started, and we’ve picked up a lot of new people since then. Whether I revisit the labeling issue this week or not, I’ll do it soon.
  2. If someone has the time to write a post, the inclination to host the thread, or both, I’m open to that. Hit us up on this thread or @Sourcererblog.

As always, I need input by Wednesday so I’ll have time to do the writing.

A quick preview: Posts from Diana, Jeremy, David, and Garrett this week. We’re set through Thursday again. If I’m able to take care of Tolkien and Feminist Friday early enough in the week, I’ll also have a Follow Friday on the Blog. I’ll also have a few posts at The Writing Catalog this week. I’m drafting several, but not sure how many I’ll have finished by Thursday.

Have a fabulous week!