Are Star Wars Characters Interesting?

– Yes, I think they are. What do you think? Hannah would like to know. (The comments thread is good, and the Facebook conversation referred to on the thread was also good.)

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Star Wars Cast

Today, during the Great Snow of 2014 here in the South, I rewatched the original Star Wars trilogy. I realized, much to my surprise, that I don’t have a favorite character.

Let me explain why I took special note of this. It’s not “They’re all so awesome I just can’t decide.” I do enjoy the movies, I want to be clear on that, I just don’t feel strongly enough about any one character to say he/she/it is my favorite. That’s odd for me. I have a compulsion to determine my favorite character in any of my fandoms. I wouldn’t say it’s something that usually takes a lot of effort, I’ve just always done it.

I saw Star Wars early on but never became a really big fan, and I’m partly inclined to pin it on this character thing. During my formative fandom years, when I was madly in love with…

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