Happy Holidays, All You Comics Fans!


Batman-2004-DC-holiday-card-thumb-550x394-78358We’re just not posting many of our valuable words on Christmas Eve or New Years’ Eve. But you know we can’t let a Wednesday go by without a comics post.

This is a Christmas card for all you nice people who stop by week-in and week-out for comics. We appreciate your support. This would be a very different blog without you.

michael-cho-a-kirby-christmas-dare-devil-super-hero-holiday-kwanzaa-hanukkah-anti-lifeWe wish you all a safe, happy, and peaceful Christmas. And a fabulous New Year.

We’re taking Thursday off. I’ll have weekend music Friday and our revised April A to Z plan on Saturday.

Spidey_How_the_Grinch_Sto_____by_DeadlydelmundoMichael Cho Happy Holidays image via Not A Punk Rocker. Batman and Spidey images discovered at Fashion and Action.

Merry Christmas to All!


Given the attitude we’ve developed here lately, this seems appropriate for Christmas Eve-eve. Tim Burton’s original “Nightmare Before Christmas” poem, narrated by Sir Christopher Lee.

Happy Christmas!

Time to Get the Shopping Done.


Spent the whole weekend with the extended family. Played a epic game of Clue. Kept my end up on the #SundayBlogShare and Facebook with strategic tapping on the mobile, but I’ve spent all of 20 minutes on the laptop since Friday. I went searching for “Geek Christmas” images last night  so we could have a post today while I finish up the shopping. Came up with this gem.


There are more of them in this 2011 post from Things to Do In LA

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

The wish is for everyone.

The song and the video are for Diana. We used to sing this as a duet during the holidays, back when we were young enough to do such things.