Don’t Worry, Be Happy. (And what do we want to talk about for Feminist Friday?)

A to Z is in hand. I have a post for the Writing Catalog tomorrow, and the one for Wednesday is written in my head. It just needs typing up. My A to Z page is current.

We’re not ready to reopen Sourcerer quite yet, but I’m confident we’ll be back before the week is out. And when we do reopen, there will be comics. That is a promise.

I’d like some input for the Feminist Friday discussion. I’m leaning toward either education or just an open thread. Anyone have any ideas? Or links to help me put a post together? Let me know¬†what you think. This is your discussion as much as it is mine.

I’m not going to break my neck trying to get back up to full speed by tomorrow. I am going to have dinner, and then visit as many of my friends’ blogs – the ones who have been with me the longest and supported¬†me the most – as I can before bedtime. Because it’s been too long since I’ve done that.