Happy New Year!!


Comics_New_YearWe’ll be back before you know it 😀

Image from Sexy Geek’s House of Swag

Merry Christmas to All!


Given the attitude we’ve developed here lately, this seems appropriate for Christmas Eve-eve. Tim Burton’s original “Nightmare Before Christmas” poem, narrated by Sir Christopher Lee.

Happy Christmas!

Blue Flowers

I discovered a new place to take photos yesterday, and this is the first of several shots I took there.


I’ll be out of pocket most of the morning, but will be back on the social media sometime this afternoon. Have a great weekend, everyone, and if you’re in the states, have a safe & happy Memorial Day holiday.

Weekend Music, and Sending Good Vibes to Everyone

This is from the O2 in London, and Dawes is fantastic here. The quality suffers a bit in the last 45 seconds because the person filming it ran their battery down and had to splice in video from a friend. Still, too good not to share.


All I have to say this afternoon is Happy Weekend. I appreciate your reads, likes, and comments. Always.